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In this age of technology, we are always looking to do things quicker and easier than before, and the culinary world is no different. As much as we love the home-cooked, large family meal, who has the time or energy? However, don't despair. The double oven can be the busy person's best culinary friend. Test your knowledge on this much-loved appliance.

Which is NOT one of the common built-in double oven configurations?

The three basic set-ups for built-in double ovens are the two full-sized ovens, a full-sized with a microwave or convection oven on top, and then a full-sized oven with a smaller standard oven on top. Pizza ovens are more customized options.


True or False: A double oven can save you energy.

For large gatherings or entertaining when you use both ovens, you will naturally use more energy. However, for routine or small meals, many cooks only use the smaller, top oven which actually saves energy over using a full-sized oven.


Features available on the more expensive double ovens include the following:

Halogen lighting is a feature you will typically find in the higher end, more expensive models.


What is NOT a benefit of a convection oven?

In a convection oven, the air circulates more evenly so items on different racks of the oven will still cook the same; no worries that the bottom rack will cook faster because it's closer to the heating element. Because the air is continually blowing, food tends to cook more quickly. However, a convection oven won't guarantee you more money back on your home; that all depends on the kitchen renovation, as a whole.


True or False: You do not have to buy a gas double oven even if you already have a gas stovetop.

You can still get an electric double oven, even if you have a gas stovetop, especially if they're separate units. It's easier to decide upon a place for an electric oven in a kitchen because you don't have to worry about gas connections.


In a kitchen with a double oven, where should you cook your roast?

In a double oven set-up, the top oven is commonly smaller than the bottom, full-sized oven. So, roasting or heavy-duty baking is best handled by the lower oven, keeping the upper oven for warming or smaller dishes.


Which is NOT an advantage of a double oven?

A double oven saves on time, allowing you to cook several dishes at one time, as well as giving you more versatility in how you cook -- steam, bake or roast. However, the taste and style of your cooking still lies with you, Behind every double oven is a cook, good or bad!


How long have double ovens been around?

Unfortunately for prior generations, double ovens didn't hit the scene until the 1980s. So, thank that decade for Madonna, Ronald Reagan and the double oven.


What influences the price of a double oven?

Like most everything, certain brands can be more or less expensive. Your higher-end double ovens will include more features, and even the color can bring your price up. Stainless steel is on the more expensive side while choosing white or black ovens can bring your cost down.


What is an oven cabinet?

The oven cabinet is the space in which your built-in oven fits, be it single or double. The oven is surrounded and enclosed by wood, creating a sleek, finished look. Typically, the oven cabinet includes a storage cabinet above and a drawer below the oven.


What is NOT a standard width for ovens?

Standard widths include 24, 27 and 30 inches. Heights will vary, based on whether they are single or double ovens; if it's a double oven, the specific configuration influences the height.


What is NOT one of the three basic types of double oven stoves?

It's not really feasible to do a built-in double oven with a range because you have a cabinet encasement over the cooktop, making the cooktop unusable. Ranges are usually on freestanding double ovens. A freestanding smooth top double oven is one that has the double oven, but no cooktop.


How is a convection oven different from the standard oven in a double configuration?

In a convection oven, the hot air is continually circulating throughout the oven to heat the food. The constant motion does a better job of heating the food. In a standard, thermal oven, the heat surrounds the food. By the way, it's confection, not convection, when you're talking about sweets!


According to Remodeling magazine, a double oven configuration with a convection oven with a warming drawer would fall under what type of kitchen renovation?

This upscale remodel of a 200-square foot kitchen also includes stone countertops, custom cabinets with glass backsplashes, and yes, a multi-faceted oven that includes convection and warming options.


True or False? A range with a double oven can have the ovens stacked on top of each other or side-by-side.

A side-by-side configuration is used with an extra-large range of six or eight burners, though this option is typically more expensive.


What is NOT a limitation of a gas double oven?

Gas double ovens are not as common or easy to find as electric ones, so options may be limited or at least more expensive. However, electric ovens do need to preheat, so your gas oven will be ready to cook sooner than your electric.


Why would you want a double oven?

If you only cook frozen dinners, a double oven is probably not worth the cost. However, if you like to entertain, love to cook or have a larger family, it will give you all the benefits listed.


What is NOT a difference between a commercial and a commercial-style oven?

Commercial ovens are designed to be more durable, and require more ventilation and energy to run. However, the quality of the food coming out of any oven depends not on the appliance but the cook.


How much food would you expect to cook in the larger, main unit of a built-in double oven?

While dimensions can differ, it's common for the bigger cavity to hold between 9 to 15 gallons of food (40 to 70 liters). The smaller unit would hold closer to 8 or 9 gallons (25 or 30 liters). Any way you cook it, that's a lot of space!


Typical problems or complaints about double ovens include:

The self-cleaning mode is the source of many customer complaints as well as many recalls pertaining to double ovens. Style and rack positions are usually high on a consumer's list of deciding factors.


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