Quiz: Test Your Trivia Expertise With This Quiz!
Test Your Trivia Expertise With This Quiz!
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Are you always top dog when it comes to fun and interesting trivia? They say that knowledge is power, but that's not all it is. When it comes to the world around us, there is so much to learn that one person could never truly master it all. From the history of various countries and civilizations around the globe to cutting-edge technology that will take us flying into the future at breakneck, probably robot-powered speeds, there is truly a fascinating endless variety of things around us to explore. 

Some people are masters of only one or two topics, while some people prefer to dip their toes slightly in just about anything and everything. After all, with so much to learn about and understand, picking just one thing to focus on can be difficult. From the creatures and formations at the darkest depths of the ocean to the fascinating vastness of space, the universe is still full of fascinating creatures and events and undeniable mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. 

If you are a trivia whiz with a love for learning about absolutely everything under the sun and wacky fun facts, put your brainpower to the test with this general knowledge HowStuffWorks quiz! 

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How old was the famous King Tut when he died?
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Where was gunpowder invented?
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Which social media site has a bird for a logo?
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Tomatoes are a:
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All deserts are hot: True or False?
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What was Eve made from?
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King Henry VIII had a collection of more than 6,000:
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Statistically, the US birthrate is:
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Is blue a warm or cool tone?
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What alphabet does the English language use?
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Which pagan holiday is the basis of Halloween?
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What kind of neckline looks like a 3 turned on its side?
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Peacocks are one of the few animals that prey on:
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What is the name of the fictional African country in "Black Panther"?
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Which lipstick color makes teeth look whiter?
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Which ocean is surrounded by a "ring of fire"?
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Which country has, on average, the world's tallest men?
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What did the city of Mumbai, India used to be called?
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The US has the longest average life expectancy of any country: True or False?
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What is the name of the comedian who rose to fame through the film "Borat"?
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Which sci-fi novel features "the spice"?
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How many kidneys do most people have?
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In which sport can most of the players not touch the ball with their hands?
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Walter Frederick Morrison invented what?
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Which breed of dog is bigger?
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Heart attacks are more likely to occur on:
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Which of these ingredients is always in mayonnaise?
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What was Ringo Starr's real first name?
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Which US city is known for its French flair?
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Which of these is a type of paint?
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Snakes can help predict__________.
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Argentina is known for which style of dance?
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In 2017, taking selfies killed more people than:
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