Quiz: Don't Be a Blockhead with this Charlie Brown Christmas Quiz!
Don't Be a Blockhead with this Charlie Brown Christmas Quiz!
By: Bambi Turner
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

Good grief, it's Christmas! After more than half a century, this special starring the Peanuts gang remains one of the most loved shows of the season. After all, who needs a great big shiny aluminum tree when all you need is a little love? See how well you remember what "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is all about!

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How much does Lucy charge for doling out psychological advice?
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What does Lucy advise Charlie Brown to do to beat the blues?
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What does Lucy want for Christmas?
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What is someone afraid of if they suffer from pantophobia?
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What is the name of Charlie Brown's little sister?
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Who accompanies Charlie Brown to buy a tree?
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What gospel does Linus quote when describing the meaning of Christmas?
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What is the gang doing as the show opens?
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Who wins a holiday decorating contest on the show?
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How does Charlie Brown "kill" his tree?
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What classic carol plays at the end of the show?
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What does Lucy refuse to eat?
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Who claimed that she didn't send Charlie Brown a Christmas card?
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Which of these is Schroeder's constant companion?
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What does it take to make a musician great, according to Lucy?
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Who plays the innkeeper's wife in the holiday play?
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Which character is rarely seen without his blanket?
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What is Snoopy's role in the play?
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Who is assigned the role of innkeeper?
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What year did "A Charlie Brown Christmas" debut?
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What company sponsored the show?
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How many people watched the debut of "A Charlie Brown Christmas?"
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Which of these items did the show make obsolete?
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How long did it take producers to make "A Charlie Brown Christmas?"
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Which of these characters was portrayed by a professional actor?
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Which jazz group composed the music for the show?
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What is the song known as "The Peanuts Theme" actually called?
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Which of these awards did the show pick up in 1966?
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Everything Snoopy said in the show was just gibberish.
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How many Charlie Brown Christmas specials have been made as of 2016?
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