Quiz: Does Your Natural Hair Color Match Your Personality?
Does Your Natural Hair Color Match Your Personality?
By: Allison Lips
Image: Thomas Northcut/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

These days it seems like almost everyone dyes their hair. While hair dye has existed for thousands of years, in recent years, it's become extremely popular among women. The hair dye industry also sees that more men are using their products. Some people use dye to cover up grays; however, it's becoming more common for people to dye their hair simply because they need a change. Somewhat paradoxically, they may even feel that a particular color of hair dye looks more natural than the color they were born with.

If you go to the store, you can get practically any color you want out of a box. If there isn't a box with your desired color, you can always bring home multiple dyes and mix them together until you find the color you're looking for. Natural hair has a more limited range, but that doesn't mean it's boring. You can naturally have black hair, brown hair, brunette hair, dirty blonde hair, strawberry blonde, gray hair, white hair, light brown hair and a myriad of other colors. Regardless of how you obtain a hair color, there is an unlimited selection. 

Would you like to know whether your hair color matches your personality? Are you unsure if it is a match? This quiz will give you an answer! 

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If you opened a restaurant, what type of food would it serve?

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Have you ever experimented with a hairstyle that most people would consider unusual, such as a mohawk or liberty spikes?

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Would you dye your hair a color outside the natural hair color spectrum?

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During the workweek, where do you usually get your lunch?

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Which profession do you find most appealing?

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What type of shirt do you usually wear on your day off?

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If you were a bird, which type of bird would you like to be?

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What is the highest amount of money you've spent on a haircut?

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Where do you purchase most of your clothing?

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Are you an actor, cosplayer, or engage in some other activity where you wear a costume?

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When you're alone in the car, which radio station do you blast?

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If you could relive a decade, which one would it be?

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Who is your favorite Batman?

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If you were a famous musician, would you create a different persona for the general public?

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Of all your family members, who would you say you are closest to?

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