Do Your Manners Belong More in the North or the South?

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Everyone talks about how different Southern hospitality is from the cold manners of Northern Yankees: but is it all that different? In many ways, yes! A true Southerner would never ignore a neighbor in need of help with their lawn, but they would unwittingly hold back a busy person from keeping their schedule. A Northerner would never stop a stranger in the grocery store to ask about their day, even if it would have brightened their day. That's just how the manners are in these regions of America.

The differences between these manners are rooted in different philosophies of respect. Northerners expect people in need to let others know if they need help; otherwise, they don't want to bother the people around them. Southerners don't see socialization as a bother; they see it as checking up on their community and making sure everyone is doing well. Both philosophies are perfectly polite, and they both speak to people who respect the community around them. 

While both societal rules are rooted in kindness, they present in different ways: we can quickly tell where you are from based on how your politeness comes out. Our charming quiz will place you as a nice Northerner or a sweet Southerner. Take this quiz to see where your manners truly come from!

Would you hold the door open for someone behind you?

What is the proper way to excuse yourself from the table?

Which of these items is most important to always have available on the table?

How do you express your appreciation for a quick favor from your mom?

At dinner, how would you ask for biscuits that are just out of reach?

Of the following, how do you take a compliment?

Of these dinner table faux-pas, which is the biggest offense to your manners?

If you open the mailbox and find an invitation, how do you RSVP to the party?

Of the following, what do you call your best friend's mother?

Of these options, what is the best gift to bring to a wedding?

When attending a dinner party, which of these gifts is most appropriate for the host?

Which of these people truly exemplifies your manners?

Of these options, how would you tell someone they have something in their teeth?

Would you ever regift an unwanted holiday gift?

How do you usually get out of a conversation you do not want to have?

Who should pay for the first date?

Of the following, what is the best advice you can give to an expectant mother?

Of these options, how do you usually respond to fantastic news?

How do you greet a new acquaintance?

From the following, which of these phrases is the rudest?

Of these options, what do you call the restroom in polite company?

What do you offer guests when they first come into your home?

Which situation do you turn your phone off for?

Do you say hi to strangers on the street?

Do you ask about people's mothers when chatting with acquaintances?

How do you decline an offered cup of coffee?

Would you help someone on the side of the road if their car broke down?

Of these quick responses, what do you do if you feel a burp coming on?

If you saw a server with a full tray of drinks trip, which sentence describes how you would respond?

How well do you know your neighbors?

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