Do Your Makeup and We'll Reveal Your Royal Style Twin

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Who is your style inspiration? Actually, more importantly, why is that person your style inspiration? Is it because they have a similar style to you and you know you can always turn to them when you're in an outfit rut? Or is it because you want to put your own spin on their style? Either way, the person you choose as your style inspiration might also be your style twin! You don't have to do all the same things exactly the same, but it is the essence of the two of you that is uncannily similar. Let's dig a little deeper, shall we?

Flipping through a fashion magazine or scrolling through Instagram for hours brings up a lot of stylish people. Think hard about what stops you in your tracks and causes you to actually open up that photo, click on someone's profile or look just a second longer than normal. Maybe you don't know the answer. Perhaps it's just something you're drawn to. That could mean that person is your style twin! If you had to choose a royal, some of the most stylish people on the planet, to be your style twin, who would it be? You don't have to answer that. We'll do it for you! Do your makeup, and we'll tell you who your royal style twin is!

Your outfit could use a swipe of lipstick today. Which color are you going with?

On the average day, do you wear a lot of makeup or keep it minimal?

If you're going to wear eye shadow, what's your go to color?

Do you use foundation as a regular base?

Lip liner might be considered outdated, but do you wear it to bring your look together?

In the winter months, do you rely on bronzer to bring a little glow to your skin?

Is there anything you do with your eyebrows?

When it comes to mascara, do you apply it before all your other makeup?

Do you go with black mascara or another color?

How do you make sure your makeup stays fresh all day long?

Before even applying your makeup, are you utilizing a primer to make sure everything goes on smoothly?

What color blush works the best for your complexion?

Are you swiping on some highlighter to really bring out those cheekbones?

Have you perfected the contour to make your features stand out, especially in photos?

Lip gloss has come a long way since middle school. Have you brought it back into your routine?

Are sparkles appropriate for your makeup routine?

When getting ready to apply your makeup, what's the first thing you do?

Do you use eyeliner as a part of your daily makeup routine?

Can you apply the perfect cat eye?

When you do wear eyeliner, do you put it just on the lid or on the inside water line as well?

How much color do you include in your makeup routine?

Be honest. Do you wash your makeup off every single night before bed?

Which of the below best describes your daily makeup look?

Do you try to match your nail color to your makeup look?

Is your makeup all natural and non-toxic?

How do you do your makeup differently when you want a fancier look?

Do you pretty much stick to the same makeup look everyday?

For things like bronzer and blush, do you have special application brushes?

Do you remember to clean your brushes every once in a while?

What's your favorite makeup item to apply?

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