Do You Think More Like a Baby Boomer or a Millennial?

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About This Quiz

There are some significant differences between baby boomers and millennials. And over the years, these differences have made for some wonderful cinema. 

2013's "The Internship," saw Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan teaming up with younger Google interns to win a job at the marquee internet company. The differences between the famous wedding crashers and the younger employees is the movie's main source of humor –a strip club scene is particularly memorable.

Even earlier than that, "The Devil Wears Prada" tells the tale of a demanding fashion editor who hires a new assistant and puts her through some serious trials on the job. Anne Hathaway's millennial entry-level worker is an excellent contrast with Meryl Streep's traditional, hard-charging baby boomer personality. It's a classic dynamic that has played out in many actual offices throughout the world.

Though there may be some differences in lifestyle choices and preferences between the two groups, at the end of the day, they are both still people, motivated by many of the same things. If you have ever wondered whether you were more of the millennial or baby boomer type, answer the questions in this quiz and we'll let you know if you've got the spirit of a traditional boomer or someone from Generation Y.

What is the best way to advance at work?

We all know Millennials and Boomers have different housing preferences. What's your ideal type of home?

Would you ever wear bell bottoms?

Which of these is your favorite movie series?

What sport do you enjoy watching the most?

Do you care about living with your parents?

What do you think about working for a startup?

Who is your favorite celebrity athlete?

How would you describe the amount of student loan debt you have?

What's the ideal reason for getting a job?

How important do you think it is to participate in politics?

How often do you feel like you need to compete with your peers?

Do you ever use your smartphone when out to eat with someone?

What do you find most appealing in advertisements?

Which of these places is your most likely vacation destination?

What kind of music do you like?

Which of these job perks sounds best to you?

How important do you think it is to own a home?

How entrepreneurial are you?

How much do you value the ability to work remotely?

How religious are you?

How important is it to do things the way they have always been done?

What kind of clothing are you most likely to wear?

How do you typically pay bills?

Are you more likely to text or talk on the phone?

How much do you like avocado toast?

What kind of car are you most likely to drive?

Which of these art forms are you most likely to practice?

If you were going to a musical concert, who would you want to see?

How often do you send emails?

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