Do You Remember These Side Characters From Harry Potter?

By: Lauren Lubas
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Since 1997, the "Harry Potter" franchise has attracted people from all walks of life. When the first movie was released in 2001, fans were finally able to meet their favorite characters on the big screen. While everyone knows Harry, Ron and Hermione, fans loved finally being able to watch Neville Longbottom getting into all sorts of odd situations (with a wicked broomstick and some cornish pixies), and we were all excited to meet Luna Lovegood. 

The truth is, the "Harry Potter" series brought a vast world to life, and in that world, we met several characters with depth and history that helped us submerge ourselves in the wizarding world with ease. 

It is difficult to write such a complex world in only 10 years, but J.K. Rowling gave us so much more than we bargained for throughout just a few thousand pages, and she did that by creating deep characters that each had meaning and purpose ... even if they were in the background. 

If you're a Potterhead who grew up with these characters, you can probably name them pretty easily, but there are some that you might not recognize right off the bat. Take this quiz to see if you remember all of these side characters from the "Harry Potter" franchise.

While a lot of people love Snape for what he did for Harry, many don't understand why he had to act the way he did. The character is complex and keeps us reading the same books over and over.

Filch is a squib, which in the wizarding world means that he has a witch and wizard for a mom and dad, but he himself has no magical powers. In the books, we see deeper into his struggle to become a wizard, but it never seems to work out for him.

We initially meet Cho Chang when Harry asks her to go to the Yule Ball with him, but she is dating Cedric. Once Cedric gets killed by Voldemort, we see Harry make his move, but Cho is depressed at the death of her love.

Luna Lovegood is one of the most interesting characters in the wizarding world. As a matter of fact, even for a witch, Luna is a little weird, according to her classmates. She believes in magical creatures that haven't been documented yet.

As one of the most annoying and adorable characters in the show, Dobby represents the struggle of oppression and prejudice. House-elves are some of the most magical creatures, but when they're bound to a family, their magic is suppressed.

Hagrid is the big oaf that we love to love. He tries to teach Harry and his friends all about the wizarding world ... all the while, his child-like heart gets bigger and bigger. He is one of the most loved characters in the series.

There are a few moments when we first meet Draco Malfoy that we realize he is the bad guy. He makes fun of Ron's clothes and red hair, and he lets Harry know that there are wizards that are beneath other wizards.

Everyone can pretty much agree that Harry did not get enough time with his godfather as he should have. He basically met Sirius, realized he was a good guy, and then Sirius went off into hiding and died.

In the movies, Fleur Delacour is one of the prettiest women to grace the screen. The books explain this by showing that she is one-quarter Veela (a race of sirens that are incredibly attractive to men).

Fred and George act as the comic relief throughout the series. They give us everything we are looking for when it comes to pranks, but they also teach Harry quite a bit about the wizarding world along the way.

Molly Weasley is the mother of all of the Weasley children. She is very protective, and she works hard to keep her family safe. That is why she gets so upset when the boys take the flying car out to rescue Harry.

We don't see much of Bill Weasley in the early installments of the series. However, he does end up marrying Fleur Delacour (someone Ron actually had a crush on), and he helps the main characters hide in the penultimate installment.

Lucius Malfoy is pretty much the biggest jerk that we meet (until we meet Voldemort). He plants a Horcrux in Ginny's school supplies and even is about to kill Harry Potter (thankfully, Dobby stopped it from happening).

He was named after two headmasters of Hogwarts, and one of them was a Slytherin. While both Dumbledore and Snape are flawed characters, Harry holds a special place in his heart for them, and even names his son after them.

Dudley is the very definition of a bully. He treats Harry as he watched his parents treat Harry — a servant who is always in the way. While the two never truly reach an understanding, they know to stay away from each other.

Moaning Myrtle shows up a few times throughout the series. We finally learn that she was the student who was killed the last time the Chamber of Secrets was opened, but it took a while. In later movies, she becomes less screamy and more tolerable.

Neville Longbottom is the character we all knew to win the puberty lottery. This plump kid turned into one handsome man, and he was brave to boot. He killed Nagini with the sword of Gryffindor.

It didn't take long for audiences to figure out that Voldemort's pet snake had to be a Horcrux. He took that thing with him everywhere, and he could see through its eyes. Well, Harry could to, so that showed us the true connection.

He's a weird guy, but he isn't necessarily bad. Ollivander teaches Harry that the wand chooses the wizard, which ends up being a fundamental fact for the end of the story when we learn that Harry owns the Elder Wand.

While we only saw him in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (2009), Cormac McLaggen plays a minor role as Ron Weasley finally gets his chance to try out for the Gryffindor quidditch team.

When we first meet Professor Trelawney, we think she's a squib of some sort. She doesn't seem to understand that divination isn't reliable, but eventually, we realize that she can make some epic prophecies.

Madam Pomfrey is a background character that helps us understand magic a little better. After all, it is way easier to mend a broken bone than to grown one back completely, as Harry found out.

Ginny Weasley is tough, and she doesn't really care what others have to say about her. She reveals that she had a crush on Harry when she was younger, but when that went away, she didn't have a problem speaking to him.

Bellatrix Lestrange could be considered the most unhinged witch in the entire series. She took pleasure and pride in torturing others, and she will do anything to please the dark lord. She's also the one who killed Sirius Black.

When you consider what Harry's life was like before the movies started, it is a little depressing. His aunt and uncle both disregarded everything he said. He never received accolades for his hard work. They just treated him like a freak.

Pansy Parkinson was the prefect of the Slytherin house when she was in her fifth year. She was seen in some of the later movies, but she was mentioned in nearly all of the books at least once.

The bumbling Minister of Magic who loved to have control over the Daily Prophet really botched things by turning Harry Potter into the enemy. However, when he looked Voldemort in the eyes, things changed quite a bit.

When we first meet Professor Quirrell, we wonder how he ever got the Defense Against the Dark Arts job. He was scared of everything (including shaking hands). We only learn later that if Harry had shaken his hand at the tavern, he would have died.

Lavender Brown actually dates Ron for a little while. She's basically obsessed with him, and anyone who talks to him gets the stank eye. Lavender Brown was killed during the Battle of Hogwarts by Fenrir Greyback.

It might seem weird that Vernon Dursley didn't want Harry to go to Hogwarts. After all, he wanted nothing more than to get Harry out of his house. However, this contradiction just shows the control-freak level this character was at.

Nearly Headless Nick wants to be called Sir Nicholas. However, his death is how he got his nickname. It was a botched execution, and the executioner didn't have a sharp enough blade to cut through his neck.

There is no character more arrogant than Gilderoy Lockhart (and he didn't even have cause for it). Gilderoy Lockhart was good at one thing: memory charms. He'd listen to people's stories, then erase their memories and take the stories as his own.

There are several professors at Hogwarts that we simply don't see enough of, and Professor Sprout is one of them. She is the Herbology professor, and she knows quite a bit about ingredients for potions as well.

Lee Jordan is one of those characters that you like to see whenever you can. When he announces quidditch matches, it is clear that he always favors one side over the other (basically, anyone who isn't Slytherin).

Seamus Finnigan has a knack for blowing things up. At first, it isn't on purpose. He tries to turn water into rum, and a small explosion occurs. He tries to lift a feather, and an explosion occurs. Perhaps someone should have spent time helping him with wand motions.

Vincent Crabbe is one half of the Crabbe and Goyle duo that follows Draco Malfoy around. They don't seem like much, and they aren't very smart (Malfoy is shocked that they know how to read), but they support their leader.

We don't meet Tom Riddle in real life, but he possesses a diary and Harry gets his hands on it. When he is brought into the visions, Harry realizes that the Chamber of Secrets holds a monster that is hungry, and it also holds a piece of Voldemort's soul.

It is appropriate that Peter Pettigrew can turn into a rat because he is the lowest of the low when it comes to humans. He should be the lowest of the low when it comes to animals.

We meet Cedric Diggory (played by Robert Pattinson before "Twilight" was a thing), and we fall in love with his kindness as well as his strength. However, he is accidentally taken to the graveyard with Harry by Portkey and dies before we ever really get to know him well.

We see Dean Thomas throughout the movies and hear his name in the books quite frequently. However, few realize that his biggest fear is a severed hand that has been reanimated (we know that from the boggart scene).

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