Quiz: Do You Remember These Famous Western Heroes and Villains?
Do You Remember These Famous Western Heroes and Villains?
By: John Miller
Image: Warner Bros.

About This Quiz

The great western movies of all time, tend to stay great throughout the ages. Best of all, along with these timeless movies came legendary heroes and evildoers, as can be expected from the genre; "the man with no name" and Clint Eastwood comes to mind immediately. That's the power of creating a character so memorable that it is ranked in the Top 20 for the Best Movie Characters of All Time on ranker.com (with Dirty Harry coming in as number 68). From Ben Cartright (Lorne Greene) on "Bonanza" to John Wayne in all his Western movie glory, the heroes stood for justice, honor and decency in an often lawless world. Then there were the evildoers, the ones that caused anguish, destruction, downright mischief and the loss of loved ones. 

If just the names of these Western movies puts a smile on your face and if you're a huge fan of the once popular genre, then this is definitely the quiz for you. So, kick off your boots and pull up a chair because it's time to recall the friends, foes, and heroes of all your favorite westerns. If you want to test your western goodies, baddies and all the men and women in between, go ahead and get started on this quiz. 

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