Do You Remember the Rule About When to Use i.e. or e.g.?


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The English language is a minefield. Some serious mistakes can be made. In this quiz, we're going to, i.e., test you on the biggest pitfalls, e.g., effect/affect. Intimidated?

The weather _____ your mood.

The weather affects your mood. And the weather has an effect on your mood. See the difference?

Can you _____ him for who he is?

You can accept him for who he is. And all should accept him, except his enemies.

For example.

E.g. means "for example." I.e. stands for "in other words." Take note!

I want to see all the historical ______ !

You must see all the historical sites when in Rome. You can cite your travel guide when finding the right sites.

She was able to _____ his accusations because they were totally false.

To refute something is to prove that it is false. To merely offer an opposing argument is to rebut.

Her boredom led her to a state of ______.

Ennui is the french word for a state of boredom. Angst, however, refers to fear.

I must ______ him of the situation.

You appraise jewelry to ascertain its value. You apprise someone, or inform them, of a situation.

_______ my health is concerned...

'As far as' and 'as for' mean much the same thing, but they need to be used in different ways. As for your ability to remember that, we'll wait and see.

One bit of ______ supports the hypothesis.

Some people assume that data is both singular and plural, but it's not! Datum is the singular form of data.

There is a ______ between good and evil.

A dichotomy involves two mutually exclusive alternatives, such as good and evil. A discrepancy involves an unexpected difference between two things that should match, as in the amount you're owed and the amount you're paid.

It's ____ that she lost her wedding ring after that big fight with her husband.

Irony means that two events are uncannily incongruent. To lose your wedding ring at the mall is merely unfortunate.

The car's interior was _________.

The car had a luxurious interior. Luxuriant refers to abundance, and not luxury.

She was painfully shy and ______ on her blind date.

When you are shy, you are reticent. Reticent and reluctant are quite different.

I ______ my pants.

You shrank your pants. Or you have shrunk your pants. Either way, you need to buy some new pants.

The dog _____ on the lawn all day long.

A dog lies upon the grass all day long. And the little girl lays a biscuit by his side.

The United States ______ 50 states.

You can use either of these! The United States is composed of 50 states and also comprises 50 states.

She was stranded in the _______.

However much we'd all love to be stranded in a bowl of ice cream, the desert is the dry terrain this statement is referring to. The sweet stuff has an extra S.

He's just going through a _______.

We go through phases, but we get fazed, or bothered, by things. Don't let it faze you.

Are you feeling ______?

Many people use alright, but in truth, all right is considered to be proper english. When in doubt, write all right.

I shall wait with _____ breath.

You wait with bated breath, or held breath. If you had baited breath, it would smell like a fish hook.

She was not _____ after she was hit in the head.

To be conscious is to be alert. It's an adjective. Your conscience is a noun.

He was _____ to cheese.

You are averse to things that you do not like. When something is adverse to your health, it's not good for you.

She was _____ by the kind gentleman.

We are amused by things that please us. To be bemused is to be bewildered.

Her writing was so _______.

Always remember that cliché is a noun, and not an adjective. You can use a lot of clichés in your writing to make it clichéd.

The town applauded the hero's _______ act.

When something is meritorious, it has merit. When something is meretricious, it is cheap or worthless.

The new television can be described as ______ .

New Age does not refer to something that is futuristic. It refers to something that is spiritualistic and holistic.

She was given free ____ to do as she pleased.

When you are given free rein, it's your choice. A rein is the strap of a horse, and a reign is a period of power that a king might have.

The pretty woman was _____ her stuff.

To flaunt means to show off. To flout means to ignore the rules. You can flaunt it and flout it at the same time.

A _____ of sickness came over him.

A wave is something that you find in the ocean. A wave of something can come over you. You can waive something, like your authority, and thus give it up.

Take a _____ into your future.

You peek, or peer, into something. That means that you look at it. This is different from a mountain peak.

Rules were put in place to _____ safety in the workplace.

When you ensure something, you are making a guarantee. When you insure something, you talk to Flo at Progressive.

Please serve me another bowl of _____ soup.

Hearty refers to something that is rich and nourishing. Soup is hearty, but a soldier is hardy.

She had a ______ believe that she was not good enough.

You can hold a deep-seated belief about something, but this is not deep-seeded. Deep-seeded things only happen in the garden.

Look at these important ________.

Criteria is actually the plural of the word. Criterion is the singular.

The packed ______ of people made it difficult to escape.

You can encounter a horde of people. Some of those people might hoard things at their homes.

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