Quiz: Do you remember the movie "Do the Right Thing?"
Do you remember the movie "Do the Right Thing?"
By: John Miller
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In the heat of a summer day, the temperatures rise, and so do the tensions in a multi-ethnic city neighborhood. A violent confrontation ensues. How much do you remember about "Do the Right Thing"?

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"Do the Right Thing" is an urban movie from 1989. Who has the starring role?
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Mookie is a young black man in a Puerto Rican neighborhood in which city?
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Mookie's occupation becomes a centerpiece of the storyline. What does he do for a living?
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Actor Danny Aiello plays the part of Salvatore Frangione. What's Sal doing with his life?
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How does Sal's son Pino feel about black people?
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The weather is a key plot point. What's the weather like in "Do the Right Thing"?
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A character named "Radio Raheem" wanders the neighborhood. He's always carrying which object?
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One character is nicknamed Smiley. What's Smiley's big challenge?
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Another young black man, nicknamed "Buggin' Out," also wanders the neighborhood. He's very interested in which topic?
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How does Sal respond to Buggin' Out's demand that he put pictures of black icons on his wall?
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After Sal refuses to meet his demands, what does Buggin' Out do?
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How does Mookie react to the confrontation between Sal and Buggin' Out?
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During one famous scene, Pino and Mookie get into an argument about what topic?
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Buggin' Out and Radio Raheem return to the pizza store and once again demand that Sal change the pictures. What does Sal do?
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After Sal ruins Raheem's radio, a physical fight ensues and moves out into the streets. Where are the police?
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A crowd of locals witnesses Raheem's death. How do the people react?
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Mookie doesn't want to see Sal's family attacked by an angry mob. How does he distract the mob?
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What do the police officers do after they kill Raheem?
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The angry mob moves down the street towards a Korean market. How does the owner drive them away?
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During the confrontation, what does Smiley do?
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Firefighters arrive on the scene to douse the flames in the pizza shop. What does the mob do?
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More police officers arrive and warn the mob to back away from the scene. Then what do the the firefighters do?
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As the mob finally calms down, what does Sal do to Mookie?
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After a loud confrontation, how do things end with Sal and Mookie?
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