Quiz: Do you remember the 1956 classic, "The Ten Commandments"?
Do you remember the 1956 classic, "The Ten Commandments"?
By: Lenore Brown

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Let my people go! The classic Biblical story of Moses leading the Hebrews to freedom from slavery was made into a 1956 movie called, "The Ten Commandments." How well do you remember it?

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Who parted the Red Sea?
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What renowned actor starred as Moses?
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While Moses is a prince, who is he in love with?
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Who does Moses save from being crushed during a building project?
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Who kills Memnet?
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Who is Moses' real brother?
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When Moses was banished to the desert, with whom does he end up living?
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While tending sheep, Moses sees God in the form of what?
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After Moses initially comes back to try to win freedom for the Hebrew people, Rameses retaliates in anger. How does he punish the slaves?
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Egypt is cursed by several plagues in Moses' effort to free the slaves. What does the water turn into?
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What falls from the sky and endangers the Egyptian people?
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Moses predicts three days of what for the Egyptian people?
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As the final plague, God killed a certain family member of every Egyptian family. Who was it?
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When Rameses decides to chase after the departing Hebrews, what holds him and his army back?
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What is the name of mountain Moses climbs after he leads the Hebrews out of Egypt?
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While waiting for Moses to come back down the mountain, the Hebrews make an idol in the shape of what?
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For how many years are the Hebrew people forced to wander in the desert?
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Who succeeds Moses as the leader?
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What is different about Moses' appearance when he parts the sea, versus when he is a prince in Egypt?
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Which person's staff was placed in the river, causing the water to begin to turn to blood?
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Who pleads with Yoshebel not to reveal Moses's true identity to him?
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The Hebrew god is the "God of..."
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How does death spread throughout the Egyptian homes?
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Who begs Moses to say he is not the Deliverer?
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Moses repeatedly says what to Pharaoh?
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When Moses is brought to Pharaoh and then banished, he is restricted by what?
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​When Moses was still serving as a Prince of Egypt, with what duty did Pharaoh charge him?
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