Quiz: Can You Name the Capitals of All These States If We Scramble the Letters?
Can You Name the Capitals of All These States If We Scramble the Letters?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Wiki Commons by Melissa Mansour

About This Quiz

We never said it was going to be easy. Take this brain-teaser city-name scramble quiz for an ultimate fun-facts thrill! Do you know all of the capital cities of the United States? You'll get to prove that and test your spelling smarts by unscrambling the answers to these questions.

There is a good chance that there are capital-city facts in this quiz that you've never heard about. Do you know about the Juneau gold belt in Alaska? Or what about the Little Rock transit worker strike that occurred in the 1950s in Arkansas? Which capital cities of America were instrumental in getting the nineteenth-century Industrial Revolution off to a vibrant start? Which capital cities started out as U.S. military posts or jails? We promise that the answers to these questions are here, so you've come to the right place to mine the facts that'll surely impress your friends.

And now that you're briefed on a few city facts, you should also prepare yourself for some mind-bending word jumbles - this quiz is chock-full of them. But we've gifted plenty of hints to help you deconstruct the hard-to-decipher scramblers. 

So get ready and get set to unscramble these U.S. capital cities and match them to the right facts.

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What capital city dots the Alaskan panhandle?
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U.S. flight first took off in this capital city of Alabama. Can you unscramble the correct city?
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Can you name the Arkansas capital city that is also the county seat of Pulaski County?
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What is the capital city of Arizona that lies at the northern edge of the arid Sonoran Desert?
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The official basketball team of this capital city of California is filled with "Kings." Can you name the city?
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Located in Colorado's South Platte River Valley, the state's capital city is ________?
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The capital of Connecticut has been called the "Insurance Capital of the World." Can you unscramble the city's name?
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Can you identify the location that has been Delaware's capital city since 1777?
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Can you identify Florida's capital city, situated halfway between Jacksonville and Pensacola in the panhandle region?
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Do you know Georgia's most populous city, which is also its capital?
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Can you name the capital of Hawaii, a city that boasts the only royal residence in the U.S.?
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A river in Iowa shares its name with the state's capital city. Can you identify the city?
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This Idaho capital city was a bustling rail corridor in the early twentieth century. Can you figure out the name of the city?
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Abraham Lincoln lived in which city, the capital of Illinois?
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Can you unscramble Indiana's bustling capital city, which lies at the juncture of Fall Creek and White River in the center of the state?
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Antislavery crusaders from New England selected the site which is the current capital of Kansas. What is the name of this city?
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Can you name Kentucky's capital city, which is situated by the Kentucky River's S-shaped loops?
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Sebastian Louis Kleinpeter maintained a museum-style residence in the east parish of what Louisiana capital city?
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The capital of Massachusetts is located by Massachusetts Bay. Can you identify the name?
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The United States Naval Academy is a central institution of Maryland's capital. Can you identify this city?
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Maine's capital lies roughly fifty-five miles northeast of the state's more populous seaside city, Portland. What is the capital city?
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"Reo Joe" built automobiles in what city, the capital of Michigan?
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What Missouri capital city was designed by the son of frontiersman Daniel Boone?
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Which Minnesota state capital is home to the not-for-profit American publishing company, Afton Press?
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What is the name of Mississippi's capital, once called LeFleur's Bluff?
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Capital Hill Mall was what capital city's first mall, in the state of Montana?
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After the American Revolution, North Carolina's capital was moved to what location?
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North Dakota's capital city was founded by settlers crossing the Missouri River in the year 1872. Can you name the city?
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What capital city was host to the Nebraska State Fair for over 100 years?
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American teacher Christa McAuliffe, one of seven crew members lost in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986, was a resident of which city, also the capital of New Hampshire?
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Former Soviet Union General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev visited what capital of New Jersey in 2005?
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What is the capital of New Mexico that hosts an annual Indian Market event in August?
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What capital city of Nevada celebrates Halloween and its state holiday simultaneously and in a huge way?
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The annual Pinkster festival used to take place in what capital city of New York?
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The capital of Ohio was named after a certain Italian explorer who "sailed the ocean blue in 1492." Can you unscramble the city?
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