Quiz: If You Love Baseball, You May Be Able to Name All of These Famous '80s MLB Players
If You Love Baseball, You May Be Able to Name All of These Famous '80s MLB Players
By: Jody Mabry
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Baseball is one of the oldest sports played in the United States, and is known as America's national pastime. It's the most popular sport in America, starting with kids joining Little League and going all the way up into adulthood. Whether you're rich or poor, whatever your background, if you can get your hands on a bat and an open area big enough for a diamond, you can play. For millions of Americans and even more folks across the world, baseball is simply synonymous with summer.

Professional baseball is that rare thing, a sport that is watched by people from every walk of life: it cuts across, race, class, gender, and education. The really big bucks didn't enter the sport until the postwar years, however, meaning that previously, baseballers had to hold other jobs. Some were able to become household names even so, like Babe Ruth or Hank Greenberg. However, these were exceptional players, trailblazers or captains or leaders. Only in the last 40 years have ballplayers been able to become known faces in our homes simply by joining a Major League team in the first place. Of course, that means you'll know just about any player from a period within that time by sight... right? Let's find out!

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