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Did you know that people have been celebrating wedding anniversaries since the Holy Roman Empire? Back then, husbands gave their wives silver wreaths on their 20th anniversary and gold wreaths on their 50th. What may be more surprising, however, is that the President of the United States can send a congratulatory greeting for every wedding anniversary after the 50th. 

When you got married, you may have assumed that the anniversary gift you gave your significant other could be anything they may secretly wish for, but you would be wrong! What you may not have known, is that there are time-honored traditional wedding anniversary gifts for years one through 15, and every fifth year after that. The current traditional list of wedding anniversary gifts dates to around 1937 and includes more anniversaries than ever before. There is also a modern list created by the Chicago Public Library, in case you find the traditional list a bit too stifling! 

Who knew that gift giving could be so complicated?! Did you? Have you been married for several decades and have the list memorized? Are you a planner, and have pre-planned your anniversary gift after just a few years of marriage? Find out how much you really know about which anniversary gifts are traditional for which year with this quiz!

Which anniversary is coral given as a gift?

Coral is given as a gift on the 35th wedding anniversary. Gift ideas include jewelry or other coral inlaid items.


What year do you give your spouse wood or cooper?

You're out of the honeymoon stage! For your 7th wedding anniversary contemplate getting your honey a desk set, handmaid jewelry or watch box, a beautiful blanket, or anything that is made out of copper or wood!


You may have already received China for your wedding, but what year do you traditionally give it as an anniversary fit?

Personalized dishes, fancy dinner plates, mugs, candlesticks, your 20th anniversary is the perfect excuse to revamp your dining collection! The traditional gift for 20th anniversaries is china.


In how many years of wedded bliss will you receive silk as a gift?

Have you always wanted to wrap yourself up in silk sheets? Ask for them as a gift on your 12th wedding anniversary!


When is iron traditionally given?

Iron is traditionally given on the 6th and anniversary and symbolized the strength of your bond. Ideas include golf clubs, cast iron pans, sculptures, jewelry, candle holders, just to name a few.


In keeping with tradition, at what anniversary can you give your significant other pottery?

Pottery, not to be confused with china, is the traditional gift given for the 9th year. This year you're in luck because so many beautiful things are made out of ceramics. Vases, ornaments, cake stands, and so much more! The possibilities are endless.


When can you give your honey a paper mache bust of your face?

Happy one year wedding anniversary! If you plan on sticking with tradition, think a bit outside of the box, the paper box that is. Try writing a love note on some personalized stationery, create a photo book of your relationship or purchase some airplane tickets and take a vacation!


At what anniversary can you expect diamonds?

Consider 60 years of marriage as the diamond anniversary!


When can you give your honey crystal?

On your 15th wedding anniversary, give your sweetheart crystal. Crystal champagne glasses, bowls, or maybe even a paper weight are all great ideas.


Tradition states that ivory is given on which anniversary?

Ivory may be the traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift, but you can opt for ivory-like alternatives that are more elephants friendly. Donate to an elephant protection fund, purchase some ivory colored lingerie or beautiful tablecloth.


After how many years of marriage do you give your partner a gift made of wood?

The traditional wedding anniversary for five years of marriage is wood. Wooden clocks, furniture, photo frame, wooden sculptures, are all examples of great gift ideas.


At what anniversary do you give sapphires?

Number 45 requires something extra special, perhaps something stunning, expensive, and blue, like sapphires! You can incorporate sapphires into any piece of jewelry, cuff links, or pendants.


When are rubies traditional given?

Red rubies are designated for 40th anniversaries. Like diamonds, rubies can be gifted in the form of jewelry, money clips, pendants, and cuff links.


When is linen traditionally given as an anniversary gift?

Linen is the traditional 4th-anniversary gift. Examples of linen gifts include tablecloths, placements, linen-bound books, linen hats, linen bedding, are all great gift ideas for a 4th wedding anniversary.


Traditionally, at what anniversary are emeralds given?

Emeralds are reserved for that special 55th wedding anniversary. Deep green and stunning, emeralds are generally given in the form of jewelry.


After how many years of marriage do you give cotton as gift?

In your first year of marriage you received and gave some sort of paper product, in your second year, you traditionally give cotton. Cotton gift ideas for your second wedding anniversary include bathrobes, sheets, and cotton flowers.


What wedding anniversary do pearls symbolize?

Pearl is the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. Pearl jewelry, pearl inlaid boxes, and cufflinks are all great ideas.


Can you guess for which anniversary you give tin or aluminium as a gift?

The traditional 10-year anniversary gift of tin or aluminum may not sound glamorous, but it provides a lot of options! Sculptures, pots and pans, custom key chains, grill sets - all you have to do is get a bit creative to find a good gift.


After how many years is steel given as a gift?

11th-anniversary gifts come in the form of steel, which represents the strength of your union. Steel jewelry, drums, bicycles, appliances, flatware, cardholders, and maybe even a car, are all great gift ideas!


On what wedding anniversary is lace given as a gift?

Lace is reserved for your 13th wedding anniversary. Gift your darling lace tablecloths, clothes, bedspread; you name it! It shouldn't be too hard to come up with an idea for lace, considering how popular it is these days.


Traditionally, at what anniversary is silver given?

All that glitters many not be gold, but silver is a lovely gift for your 25th wedding anniversary! Silver is an easy year to shop for as long as you known your partners taste in jewelry!


When is gold traditionally given?

Happy Golden wedding anniversary! After 50 years of marriage, give your loved one some gold jewelry or art.


What year do you celebrate your bronze wedding anniversary?

After eight years of marriage, expect a gift that is made out of bronze. Bronze bowls, vases, statue, or sculpture are all great ideas.


Which wedding anniversary should taste as sweet as fruit and smell as good as flowers?

Expect flowers on your four-year wedding anniversary, or maybe you expect them for every anniversary! The traditional gift given on your 4th year of marriage are flowers or fruit.


On what wedding anniversary is leather given as a gift?

On your third year together your true love gave to you leather! Leather is an easy gift to give. Some ideas include watches, purses, shoes, jackets and furniture. Are you vegan? There are plenty of leather alternatives!


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