Quiz: Do you know which of these historical events came first?
Do you know which of these historical events came first?
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki commons

About This Quiz

CALLING ALL HISTORY BUFFS! When it comes to history, it's often easy to remember the major events. Alexander the Great was one of the world's greatest conquerors and who could forget the Civil War? The assassination of JFK will never be forgotten. While you might remember these events, can you remember when they happened? Take this quiz to find out if you know which of these historical events came first!

When it comes to history lessons, you might've taken courses in American History, European History, or World History. Regardless of the course, each topic would've covered some of the biggest events the world has ever seen. Traveling back in history, when it came to pandemics, the bubonic plague, cholera, and smallpox were ravaging the world's population. The 1800s was marked by the Civil War while the 1900s was a century filled with assassinations of major political figures. 

But do you remember which came first? Can you remember whether the Treaty of Versailles came before the dissolution of the Berlin Wall? Did the Vietnam War occur before or after the Korean War? If you're able to answer these questions, you're prepared for this quiz! We're traveling back in time to some of the biggest events in history. From wars and assassinations to peace treaties and inaugurations, can you choose which event happened first? Let's find out!

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Which of these scary events happened first?
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Which of these famous wars came first?
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Which famous natural disaster happened first?
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Which of the following economic events happened first?
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Which of these bleak situations transpired first?
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Which of the following wars came first?
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Which famous awesome event came first?
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Which life-altering era happened first?
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Which wrenching conflict came first?
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Which famous leader lived first?
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Which famous battle happened first?
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Which bloody civil war came first?
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Which famous woman lived first?
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Which famous human-made disaster came first?
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Which famous invasion happened first?
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Which history-altering event happened first?
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Which famous person died first?
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Which ugly political event happened first?
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Which amazing invention came first?
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Which vehicular disaster happened first?
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Which religious icon lived first?
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Which crazy aircraft-related event happened first?
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