Do You Know Which Side of the Road This Country Drives On?


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Are you a world traveler? If you are, you better know which side of the road you're going to be driving on! In this quiz, we'll test your basic knowledge of left or right; London or Berlin. Flash your turn signal, and let's get going.

United States

OK, we want to start this off easy. In the United States, we drive on the right side of the road. We hope you understand this.


You'll feel right at home when you travel to Dubai. They, as well, drive on the right side of the road.


You guessed it. England drives on the left side of the road. This is also what we refer to as the "wrong side."


Now, things are getting tricky. Fiji drives on the left side of the road. Hopefully, you're too busy at the beach to care.


They're just like us! Germany drives on the right side of the road. And they make fine automobiles.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands drives on the right side of the road. Even when they were known as Holland, they drove on the right.

Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong, drive on the left. Better yet, get a rickshaw!


Ireland does its best to break ties from Britain. But in this sense, they can't. They drive on the left.


Who knew we had so much in common with the Italians? They drive on the right side of the road.


Israel drives on the right side of the road. Was it written somewhere in the Bible?

Côte d’Ivoire

In the Côte d’Ivoire, they drive on the right. You could also call it the Ivory Coast, but it doesn't sound as good.


Wait a minute, Japan drives on the left? There's something oddly surprising about this.

North Korea

North Korea drives on the right, plain and simple. There will be no sort of overt political comment placed here.


They drive to the right in Mexico. Thank goodness, because otherwise, you'd have to reprogram your brain when you go to Tijuana for the night.


In the tiny country of Nepal, they drive on the left. Maybe they got it from the Brits?


When in Norway, drive on the right side of the road. If you encounter a Viking, drive very fast.


When in Singapore, drive on the left. Then visit Universal Studios Singapore. Why not?

South Africa

South Africa is a left-driving country. While there, why not drive on the left all the way through Africa!


Nothing out of the ordinary here. You can get around most of Scandinavia on the right-hand side.


Easy to remember. Drive on the right in Switzerland. Now, use that brain power to navigate all the languages the people speak there.


Turkey drives on the right. That's nice to remember, because you're going to be driving to a lot of historical sites.

United Arab Emirates

When in the UAE, drive on the right. It's going to be so hot you may not want to get out of the car.

US Virgin Islands

Wait! Is that overt betrayal of all things American? Driving on the left. Who do they think they are?

Vatican City

Things are pretty straightforward in Vatican City. Now you know what side of the road to stand on when the Pope mobile goes by.

British Virgin Islands

BOTH the British and American Virgin Islands drive on the left. We think the US Virgin Islands simply succumbed to pressure.


No surprise here. Britain is to Wales as Bread is to Butter, or Cheese is to Wine.

Western Sahara

Western Sahara drives on the right. There are some political things up in the air in Western Sahara, so just stay in the car.

Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi they drive on the right. That being said, you're going to be spending all your time in the souk, anyhow.


It makes sense that you drive on the left in Australia. And trust us, there's a lot of driving to do. That's a large country.


Wait, what? The Bahamas drives on the left? That's the last thing you want to stress about on your vacation.


In Brazil, you drive on the right. You basically only drive to get to the beach.


In Brunei, they drive on the left. However, the Sultan of Brunei is so rich, he can drive on any dang side he chooses.

Cayman Islands

Yet again, the last thing you want to worry about on your vacation. Hire a driver.


China drives on the right. Is that why China and Japan have such a tense history?

Christmas Island

Did you not know there was a Christmas Island? It's not on the North Pole, it's off the coast of Australia.

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