Quiz: Do You Know Which Movies Became Broadway Musicals?
Do You Know Which Movies Became Broadway Musicals?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Usually, musicals are turned into movies, but sometimes, movies are taken to the stage! In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of famous movies that were turned into musicals. You'll be surprised by which were successes, and which were total flops!

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Was there a musical based on "Silence of the Lambs?"
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What year did "Beauty and the Beast" come to Broadway?
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Was "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" turned into a musical?
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Which B-movie was turned into a Broadway musical?
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Which Greta Garbo hit was turned into a Broadway musical?
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Which boxing musical made it to Broadway?
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Which Julie Taymor production took Disney to a whole new level?
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Which musical adaptation was from a John Waters movie?
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Which independent hit became a Broadway musical?
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Did "42nd Street" start as a movie or a stage musical?
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How long was "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" on Broadway?
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When did "Aladdin" hit Broadway?
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Which documentary was turned into a Broadway musical?
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Which Fellini movie was turned into a musical?
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What other Fellini film was turned into a musical?
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Which Olivia Newton John flick was turned into a stage musical?
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What was "Promises, Promises" based on?
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Which Monty Python movie took to the stage?
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Which Vincent Minelli movie was turned into a Broadway musical?
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What was the stage adaptation of the movie "Lili?"
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Which of these was a Broadway musical?
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Which movie did "Mamma Mia!" borrow from?
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The 1981 Italian film, "Passione d'Amore," was turned into what musical?
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Which Ingmar Bergman movie became a popular musical?
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Which Disney flop became a musical?
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What 1967 movie about the 1920s came to Broadway?
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Which musical almost made it to Broadway?
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Which musical did Cyndi Lauper do the music for?
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Which Andrew Lloyd Webber masterpiece was first a black and white movie?
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Which Mel Brooks musical enchanted Broadway?
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What year did the "Full Monty" come out?
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Which Broadway musical is based on a boy dancing ballet?
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Which musical didn't make it to Broadway?
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Which show only lasted for a few months in 2016?
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