Quiz: Do You Know These Things That Generation X Should Know?
Do You Know These Things That Generation X Should Know?
By: Zoe Samuel
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Generation X are in an interesitng position. They're all the people who were born between about 1965 and 1979. They're a small generation who came of age after the Baby Boomers but before the Millennials. That means they didn't bear the full brunt of hte Great Recession, as they were already somewhat established. However they didn't enjoy the full benefits of the glorious thirty-year period the Boomers had from 1945 to 1975, in which the economy reliably grew and a single income could support a family of four even if you had very little education. Generation X did see all of that happen during their childhoods, but they generally only got to live it for a brief period in the 1990s when the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of the internet created an economic boost in their 20s.

The Boomers were thus mainly the generation who experienced the '80s as teenagers and young adults. That means they know all about the Rubik's Cube, MTV, leg warmers and really terrible hair styles. How well do you remember this period? Can you name all the members of the Brat Pack? Did you see The Little Mermaid in the theater? Let's find out!

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What was a wristband called that you put on by smacking it against your skin?
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What do you call a ball on a string that you attach your your ankle then jump?
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What was the name of the famous anti-drug campaign the government ran?
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What is the name of the bear who tells stories?
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What's a portable music player that holds a cassette?
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What musical gift do you make someone to mark a special occasion?
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How do you communicate a super-important thought to your friend mid-math class?
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What was the name of the feminist cartoon character whose show was called "Princess of Power?"
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What should do you after you watch the VHS you've rented?
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What was the seemingly unsolvable 3" square puzzle that debuted in the '80s?
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If you wanted to wear an oversize shirt as a crop top, what did you use?
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On what did Bon Jovi inform us he was living?
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Which of these is actually a perfectly reasonable material from which to make a shoe?
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What hungry digital character needs to stay away from ghosts?
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Which visitor is trying to phone home, but needs more than a regular phone?
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Which of these is not a line from the theme song for "Fraggle Rock"?
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It's hot and you want a sugary treat to cool you down. What does a Gen X-er reach for?
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Which of the below is NOT a member of the Brat Pack?
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What boot is the only boot worth having?
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Who were the original Mean Girls?
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What is Bert and Ernie's relationship?
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What catchy song series made you inadvertently learn civics?
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What is the best way to carry around lots of papers?
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What do you call a symbol that is two vertical lines and two horizontal lines crossing one another?
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What's a long spring-like toy called that can go down stairs on its own?
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What's the first site from which you downloaded free music?
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What sort of toy starts as a truck then turns into a warrior?
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What did you use to check your pronunciation growing up?
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What videogame always ends with you dying of dysentery?
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In what room do you find the Dewey Decimal System?
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What size were early computer discs?
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What sort of printer produces paper with sprocket holes down both sides?
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