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When you own a home, stuff just goes wrong. Sorry, but it's true. The good news is that there are some simple and easy ways to fix minor problems! In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of common home repair hacks that provide some awesome results! So, put down the drill and pick up something random, like a toothbrush.

WD-40 will remove _____ from walls.

WD-40 can remove crayon from your walls. But do be sure that the wall has a sheen to it, as WD-40 will stain matte paint.

What can be used to fix a squeaky door?

Cooking spray can fix a squeaky door when you don't have WD-40 on hand. Spray a bit on the hinges and you're good to go.

You can remove pet hair from your carpet using a . . . ?

A squeegee is really effective at removing pet hair from your carpet. Give it a try, either wet or dry.

Soak your shower head in ______ to remove mineral deposits.

Soaking your shower head in vinegar will help to remove mineral deposits! Please choose anything but balsamic.

When should you actually use crayons on your walls?

Use a crayon to fill holes in the walls. Make sure to choose a crayon that matches the colors of your walls!

You can clean grout using . . . ?

Toilet bowl cleaner can actually be used to clean your grout! Simply apply to the grout for 15 minutes and then brush the grout clean.

What removes a carpet dent?

Ice can remove a carpet dent! Simply place the ice cube on the dent and then comb it with a wire brush. It's fluffy again!

How can you make a screw go in more easily?

By applying flakes of soap to a screw, you can make it go in more easily. You could try butter, but just think of what that would do to your walls!

Can you make a nail go into the wall without hitting your fingers?

Yes, it can be done! Use a fine tooth comb or a bobby pin to hold the nail in place, and then hammer. You won't hit your thumb!

How can you protect your paint tray?

The only way to protect that tray is to line it with foil! When you remove the foil, the tray will be good as new.

Can vinyl flooring be put back when it starts to come up?

Yes, you can place foil over the vinyl, then iron it with a clothes iron. Weigh it down with a pile of books and you're good to go.

You can check to see if your toilet has a leak using . . . ?

Easy trick. Just add the packet of Kool-Aid into the tank, don't flush the toilet, and wait to see if Kool-Aid ends up in the bowl.

What helps remove a stripped screw?

Place a rubber band around the head of the screw, then apply the screwdriver. You can pull the screw right out!

What's an easy way to remove scuff marks from the floor?

That's right. Put a tennis ball the top of a broom stick and start rubbing those scuffs. You don't have to bend over!

How can you remove a broken light bulb?

Potato hack! Simply cut a potato in half and push the soft side into the bulb. Now you're ready to twist it off.

What can relieve squeaky floorboards?

Baby powder can be used to relieve a squeaky floor. Simply get the powder down into the floorboards and enjoy the silence.

Clear nail polish can fix . . . ?

You can fix a screen by applying clear nail polish. This also works for panty hoes!

How can you cut tile more easily?

It's true. Make a pre-cut, or rivet, in your tile then soak in a hot tub for two hours. It will be really easy to cut after that.

How can you keep your screws on-hand?

It's simple to attach your screws to your screwdriver using a neodymium magnet. Place it at the top end of your drill near the bit, and then keep your screws on the magnet!

What's the best way to secure fragile wood veneer that is coming off?

Without lifting the veneer up, put glue on one end of the straw, and place the glue where the veneer is lifting. Now blow into the straw to dispense the glue, and push down on the veneer.

How can you fix a dent in a wood floor?

You can iron down a dent in a wood floor by placing a warm rag over it, and then setting your iron to medium.

How can you prevent screws from coming loose?

Nail polish saves the day again! Paint down your screws with clear nail polish and you're good to go.

How can you achieve straight caulking?

You can get your caulking straight when you lay down some painters tape. Be sure to pull the tape back up while the caulking is still wet.

What makes the perfect garage bumper?

For the perfect garage bumper, simply cut a pool noodle in half and attach it to the wall. Voila!

How can you prevent a door from latching?

A rubber band can be used to prevent a door from latching. Just put the band around both knobs, and it will prevent the latch from catching.

How can you keep your nails on hand?

Use a neodymium magnet and an exercise wrist band. Put the magnet underneath the band, and the nails will stick to you like magic!

Peeling wallpaper can be fixed with glue and . . . . ?

Simply place the wallpaper glue on the writing paper, and put the page under the peeling wallpaper. Seal it down, then pull the writing paper out!

How can you tighten sagging caning?

All it takes is warm water to tighten that caning. Wet the underside of it and let it dry overnight.

How can you freshen your disposal?

Put a lemon down the disposal and turn it on. This is the oldest trick in the book!

How do you eliminate bad odors immediately?

A match will instantly eliminate bad odors. This works wonders in the bathroom and kitchen.

What is a funny remedy for a dusty chandelier?

If you put white cotton gloves on your hands and wet one with glass cleaner while keeping the other dry, you can effortlessly dust and clean your chandelier.

What's a great way to revive your wood cutting board?

Plain mineral oil, from the drug store, is a wonderful way to revive your cutting boards. Allow it to sit for four hours.

How can you keep your extension cords untangled?

Wind your extension cords into a bucket so that they're always tangle-free! Great for Christmas lights, too.

What's great for removing decals?

Drench those decals in WD-40 and then scrape them off with a credit card! It's as easy as that.

How can you loosen stubborn vinyl windows?

Be sure to use PTFE spray lubricant and not oil. The oil will attract dirt and damage your vinyl.

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