Quiz: Do You Know These Basic Science Facts?
Do You Know These Basic Science Facts?
By: Monica Lee
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About This Quiz

The discipline of "science" incorporates so many things -- from biology to architecture to ecology and so much more. That's why you'll find this quiz extra entertaining. You may pick up some interesting tidbits as you test your smarts. For instance, discover that a double shot of espresso has LESS caffeine than brewed coffee! (Hint: It's all in the serving size.) Or that a certain crocodile's bite is 25 times more powerful than a human bite. Now you know which aquatic animal to steer clear of!

In this quiz, you'll answer questions on electronics, geology and the fauna and flora of nature. Although you won't need to know any one subject in great depth, you will need to have basic knowledge of topics including the stars, blood types, design styles and the chemical reaction powering the sun (fusion). Although you may have heard the phrase, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing," when it comes to quiz, it not dangerous at all. In fact, you'll do really well. Ready to see where you stand when it come to all-around know-how? Challenge your friends and see if you're the smartest one in the group. Take the quiz now and gain more admiration for the scientific world around you.

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What is a geode?
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Which planet is closest to Earth?
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Which of these can a magnet attract?
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In most cases, what is responsible for Earth's seismic and volcanic activity?
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What is the most common blood type?
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Which of these animals is the fastest?
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How much of the human body is made of water?
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What is tooth enamel made of?
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Which of these is a basic component of electronics?
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What are the first five digits of Pi?
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What is the name of the process that describes how the sun creates its energy?
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What is the formula for calculating the area of a square base?
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My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos. Which mnemonic device is this?
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How do fungi reproduce?
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Which one of these land animals weighs the most?
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Where does the human body store excess carbohydrates?
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What are termite mounds made of?
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What is the strongest shape in nature?
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Novel, poem and drama are all forms of what?
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The study of wetlands is an example of what branch of science?
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In a fruit salad, if the chef only makes it in this order: bananas, oranges, apples and cottage cheese, the chosen order is called a what?
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What is the population of New York City?
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Which item has the most caffeine?
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What animal has the most powerful bite?
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What is the name of the celestial object that pulses light?
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Gothic, Art Deco and Victorian. What do these terms describe?
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