Quiz: Do You Know the Truths About These Common Car Myths?
Do You Know the Truths About These Common Car Myths?
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

There are certain careers that share a strange quirk; people who don't know anything about the field think they're experts in it. Ask anyone who writes for a living, tells jokes or holds any sort of public office.

Mechanics don't usually face this problem. It's generally understood that cars are complicated machines. Even electric cars, which are simpler inside, contain electronics that you need an advanced degree to understand. That's why non-mechanics usually get that beyond checking tire pressure and oil levels, replacing the occasional tire or windshield wiper, or knowing that depending on your vehicle, you can ignore some specific warning lights for at least the first 30 miles, if you're not a mechanic, you don't know enough about cars to make authoritative statements about how they work.

Of course, not everyone is so modest, and some profess to expertise they don't have. That's a recipe for an awful lot of fake facts floating around with very little to challenge them. Add in the fact that Hollywood and media generally tend to make cars and driving look way more exciting than they are by taking liberties with the laws of physics, and it's the perfect storm.

Have you fallen for the commonest car myths? Let's find out!

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When you buy a new car, how long before the engine is "run in"?
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What size car is safest in a crash?
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Which wastes more fuel; idling, or the moment of ignition?
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Does jet fuel help a regular car perform better?
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Which brand of car has the nastiest drivers?
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How long should you warm your car's engine on a cold day?
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If you shoot your car, will it really explode?
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What happens if you only replace one tire at once?
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Which color car is pulled over the most, proportionately?
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Which is better for fuel economy, using the AC or opening the windows?
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Which creates more drag when driving a truck: tailgate up or down?
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Can you start a car fire by attaching a wet squeegee to the battery?
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Can you cause an explosion if you use your cellphone while pumping gas?
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Does premium fuel make a regular car perform at premium levels?
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How far can you drive on an "empty" tank?
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Is gasoline cheaper or more expensive in the mornings?
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Who designed the first car?
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How many horses are equal to 1 horsepower?
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If you're being shot at, can you hide behind your car door?
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How fast can a Formula One car drive upside down?
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What was special about the inventor of cruise control?
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Is off-brand gasoline better or worse for your car?
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Which kind of distracted driving is most dangerous, in terms of accidents caused per year?
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How much faster are police cars than regular cars?
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Which is more likely to burst into flames, an electric or a gasoline car?
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How much more range does your keyfob have if you blip it close to your head?
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Under normal driving conditions, which has better mileage, a Prius or a BMW M3?
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In which direction does a dirty car affect fuel economy?
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What bad thing can result from "topping off" your gas tank?
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