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If you've been to church, you know that there is a lot to learn. From studying the Bible to learning the beautiful songs, you know it all! Behind all of that learning is a group of people who make it all work. From as local as the priest at your church to as high as the pope, how well do you really know the jobs?

Do you know the duties of the pope, the archbishop or the social minister? What about the deacon, elder or the moderator of the curia? They all have their own unique roles that are important in some way. Do you know the hierarchy of the church or the priesthood? If you do, this quiz will be no trouble for you!

Do you know the difference between the bishop and the archbishop? What about the titles given to certain people who excel at their jobs? Can you name the person who represents the pope? If this sounds easy, just wait – it only gets harder from here!

Maybe you've worked in the church, or maybe you just know a lot about the people who keep it running smoothly. No matter where your knowledge on the subject comes from, take a shot at this quiz to put it to the test!

Which job title is used for the person who is part of the office, and does jobs without specialization?

The deacon can do a variety of different things, but are most commonly involved in anything administrative. If you’re a female deacon, you’re instead known as a deaconess!


Which job title is given to an authoritative person who is not only ordained, but also known for their wisdom?

The elder is the person you turn to for advice, but they also hold a high position in church. One of the famous elders from the Bible was James, who was also an apostle and martyr in his own right.


Which of the following job titles would be used for someone who specializes in a certain subject and acts as a representative of the church?

A chaplain is somewhat like a spiritual caregiver who can provide support through spiritual needs. Sometimes chaplains are found in the branches of the military or even at prisons as well.


Which of the following positions is appointed by the pope?

The pope appoints cardinals, who not only help out the pope, but they are also in the running themselves for his position. In order to be considered by the pope to be a cardinal, you must be an archbishop or bishop.


Which job title is used for the assistant of a bishop?

The auxiliary bishop is there to assist the bishop. Most auxiliary bishops deal mostly with administrative tasks and in some cases, they're assigned to a certain diocese that they oversee.


What job title is used for someone who is a priest in only one specific region?

If you know what the diocese is, you probably had an easy time with this one! This type of priest stays in one region where they practice and is the go-to person in that region.


What is the name of the position that works alongside a bishop in a diocese?

A coadjutor bishop works with a bishop in certain dioceses and their rank in the church is about the same as the auxiliary bishop. Did you know that if something happens to a bishop who is head of a diocese, the coadjutor bishop then takes over and becomes the new bishop?


Which job title is used for the people who assist the bishop of a diocese?

Priests assist the bishops of a diocese and in some cases, they are an extension of the bishop themselves. They conduct the responsibilities of a bishop on a much smaller level, so that bishops can focus on their other duties.


Which job title is highest after that of a bishop?

The vicar general is the highest in the church after the bishop of a diocese. This means that when needed, a vicar general can conduct the same tasks or deal with issues that the bishop would. When in doubt, call on the vicar general!


What job title is used for the person who is considered head of the church?

The pope is the head of the church and must be elected as so in order to get the job. Did you know that the current Pope of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, is able to speak many different languages? He is fluent in Spanish, Italian and also Ukranian.


Which job title is used for the person who preaches and gives sermons?

The pastor, who you may know better as the Father at church, is responsible for preaching and delivering sermons at church. In addition to these duties, they also lend spiritual support to members of their church.


Which job title is given to the person who helps the pastor?

The associate pastor is there to help the pastor and complete any duties that they may be asked of. Often, associate pastors will take over other duties such as Sunday School or help with other programs run by the church.


A person that holds this title must be married. What is it?

A permanent deacon must be married in order to hold the title, but the marriage must have taken place prior to the person attempting to become a deacon. Although, if you're a permanent deacon there is no chance for you to become a priest, unless your partner has passed.


What job title is given to a person working toward becoming a priest?

Transitional deacons are quite literally transitioning in the sense of their job title, as they are in the process of becoming a priest. Their status at the time is deacon, but they only remain under that title for approximately a year.


Which job title is given to the person in the church who deals with the children?

Youth ministers work with the children of the church by planning fun activities and learning exercises. The minister teaches the children more about religion and God.


Which job title is used for the bishop in charge of large areas?

Metropolitan bishops are in charge of large area such as cities, hence the name metropolitan. The people who hold these titles often act as supervisors over the entire area.


The person who holds this title is responsible for event planning. Who are they?

The social minister plans the events for the church. These events can range from fun activities for members of the church or even to attract new attendees.


The person who hold this title takes care of multiple divisions within a diocese. Who are they?

The archpriest oversees many areas within a diocese, as they are the head of the other priests in that area. They often act as a supervisor of all of the churches that are in their region.


This person handles the creation of important documents. Who are they?

The notary handles this job and interestingly enough is typically a public official. Once a document is drawn up by the notary, it can move on and become official.


The person in this role represents the pope. Who are they?

The papal legate is the point of contact between members of the church and the pope. In some cases, the person who holds this title might be sent out to different countries or diocese. The pope also gets to choose who fills this position.


Which title is used for an honorable priest?

Monsignor is a title awarded to a priest who is known for demonstrating their role honorably and to the best of their ability. While this is not an individual role, it is added to the title of the person who has been awarded it.


This person is a priest who does the administration work within a diocese. Who are they?

The moderator of the curia does this job and they are somewhat of an extension of the bishop assigned to that diocese. Not all dioceses have a moderator, as a bishop can choose if they would rather fulfill the duties or appoint one themselves.


The person who holds this title acts as a religious judge. Who are they?

The judicial vicar acts a religious judge and is supported by adjutant judicial vicars. Did you know that in order to be a judicial vicar you have to be at least 30 years old?


This person is a retired bishop. Who are they?

A retired bishop takes on the title "emeritus" to indicate his retirement as well as the last diocese he worked in. This title can apply to the auxiliary bishop, archbishop, diocesan bishop and even the pope.


This person conducts investigations on certain diocese. Who are they?

The apostolic visitor investigates different dioceses and reports back to the Holy See with findings. You may wonder what the visitor investigates. They are sent out to investigate all aspects of the church in order to ensure that everything is running smoothly and properly.


This person is in charge of an area that has not been declared an official diocese. Who are they?

The apostolic prefect is the head of an area that is not yet an official diocese. These areas have the potential to become dioceses, but when they do, another role is then in charge.


This is a title that an archbishop can hold. What is it?

Primate is a title used for archbishops who are part of multiple areas. In today's age, the title is more ceremonial rather than a true title.


This person is assigned to a smaller area within a diocese. Who are they?

A suffragan bishop is a person who is assigned to a smaller area within a larger diocese. They're very often an assistant to the diocesan bishop. Did you know that in Ireland, this position does not exist?


Which of the following ministers specializes in family matters?

The family minister works with families in their church. This minister works to provide spiritual support or guidance in the realms of family life.


This role is very similar to that of a nun. What is it?

The word canoness is the feminine version of the role of a canon. The canoness is a woman who lives similarly to a nun, where their lives are heavily impacted by religion.


This person watches over a diocese to ensure that they are running smoothly, but they are not in charge. What is their title?

This is the role of a titular bishop, who is somewhat of a support in a diocese. Bishops who hold this title were either assigned it to begin with, or they could have been "demoted" to it after wrongful actions or other reasons.


Which of these job titles is no longer in use?

The assistant at the pontifical throne was once used for the person who stood beside the pope at events. Ultimately, the title has not been in use since the mid-1900s.


This person is in charge and can also take on roles like archbishop. Who are they?

The name "Patriarch" is given to the higher ups in the church such as the archbishops. In the Roman Catholic Church, the pope is known as a patriarch, as he is the head of the church.


This person presents cases within the church. Who are they?

The postulator presents a case in favor of something within the church. This is most commonly done when someone is being considered for canonization, which recognizes someone as a saint. They first must study the life of the candidate in order to make their case to a bishop.


Which type of minister does not actually need pastor experience?

The pastoral minister does not actually need any type of experience as a pastor, as their job is to provide support for individual members of the church. This can come in a variety of different ways from emotional to spiritual support.


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