Quiz: Do You Know the Most Common Injury in These Sports?
Do You Know the Most Common Injury in These Sports?
By: Chelsea
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About This Quiz

Whether you grew up as a competitive athlete or simply love watching sports on TV, you likely experienced or have seen a sports injury. Of course, different sports are prone to different injuries? Some injuries are actually so popular in certain sports that the names have become synonymous - tennis elbow anyone? 

How well do you know your bruises, bumps, tears, strains and breaks and the sports which cause them? Could you figure out one of the most common injuries in soccer or football? Do you know which injury lands the flying feat of skateboarders in the hospital most often? Do you know the difference between an ACL and an MCL, or how either will land you on a stretcher or which sport you are most likely to experience either? Do you know which sport will commonly dole out muscle contusions, broken teeth and concussions? From concussions to broken bones and groin pulls, these are the injuries that will make you cringe, squirm and feel rather nauseous

This is a quiz for those who can't get enough of rewinding your DVR to see that big punch tackle or fall. So, take this quiz to see if you can figure out which injury relates to which sport!

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