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Being yourself can get tiresome. Fortunately for Jack, he has a fake brother, Ernest! The 2002 film based on Oscar Wilde's play, "The Importance of Being Earnest," is a comedy starring Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon. Think you know all about the confusing comedy? Take the quiz to find out!

With what did Algernon Moncrieff say he played the piano?

Algernon Moncrieff said he played the piano with expression. He said that anybody could play accurately, so it was impressive that he could play with expression.

Who did Mr. Worthing say he was going to see in the city?

Mr. Worthing said he was going to see his brother, Ernest. He had to leave to tend to business and planned to return on Monday.

With whom did Algy reunite at the performance?

Algy reunited with Ernest at the performance he attended. The two caught up with each other and Ernest revealed his motives for coming to town.

What did Ernest tell Algy that he came to town to do?

Ernest told Algy that he had come to town to propose to Gwendolen. Ernest said he was in love with Gwendolen, even though Algy said that Aunt Augusta did not approve of him.

What did Algy say was the essence of romance?

Algy told Ernest that proposals weren't all they were made out to be because most of them had a certain outcome. He said there was no excitement in that.

How are Gwendolen and Algy related?

Algy and Gwendolen are cousins. This explains why Algy was so concerned with Ernest's plans to propose to Gwendolen. He also said that Ernest would have to answer about another woman named Cecily before he could marry Gwendolen.

What did Ernest tell Algy was his real name?

Ernest told Algy that his real name was Jack. Algy didn't believe Ernest and questioned him about his motive for saying this. Ernest said that his name was Ernest in the city and Jack in the country.

What was the name of Algy's made-up persona?

Bunbury is Algy's made-up persona. Algy saw the value in Jack's made-up persona and decided that he needed one of his own. He said that with the new persona, he'd be able to go to the country whenever he wanted.

How did Algy get out of dining with his Aunt Augusta?

Algy got out of dining with his Aunt Augusta by using Bunbury. He said that Bunbury had become sick and he needed to be with him. His Aunt Augusta bought the lie but couldn't believe how sick Bunbury always was.

What did Lady Bracknell ask Ernest to do after finding out about his proposal?

Aunt Augusta asked Ernest to meet with her after she walked in and found out about his proposal to Gwendolen. She said that he would have to answer a few of her questions, just to become eligible to marry Gwendolen.

What did Miss Prism say that Cecily should get rid of?

Miss Prism said that Cecily should get rid of her diary. Miss Prism didn't see the value of the diary, and didn't understand why Cecily would keep it. But Cecily cherished the memories in the diary and refused to throw it away.

What type of pain did Cecily tell Dr. Chasuble that Miss Prism was experiencing?

Cecily told Dr. Chasuble that Miss Prism had a headache. She suggested that a walk in the park could be exactly what Miss Prism needed for what ailed her.

What type of house did Aunt Augusta ask Ernest if he had?

Aunt Augusta asked Ernest if he had a townhouse. This was one of her questions to determine whether or not she would approve of Ernest and Gwendolen getting married.

In what item did Ernest tell Lady Bracknell he was found when he was a baby?

Ernest told Lady Bracknell that he was found inside of a handbag. Ernest even told Lady Bracknell that he still had the handbag in his house.

In what did Algy, pretending to be Ernest, arrive at Jack's country house?

Algy, who was pretending to be Ernest, arrived at Jack's country house in a hot air balloon. There he met Cecily, who had her own fantasies about what Ernest was like in real life.

To what country did Cecily say her Uncle Jack was going to send Ernest?

Cecily told Algy, who was pretending to be Ernest, that her Uncle Jack had planned on sending him to Australia. Algy, however, had different plans for where he wanted to stay.

What news did Jack bring when he arrived home early, after leaving to deal with Ernest?

Jack returned home with news of Ernest's death. However, everyone was surprised when Cecily brought news that Ernest had actually arrived alive and well, just before Jack made it home.

Who sent Jack, who they knew as Ernest, a letter saying that they were going to come to his side?

Gwendolen sent Jack, who she knew as Ernest, a letter saying she was going to be with him, despite her mother's wishes. Jack was starting to realize that both he and Algy could be caught in their fake personas.

What did Algy have to do in order to have Jack pay the dues on Ernest's account?

In order for Jack to agree to paying the dues on Ernest's account, so Algy could avoid going to jail, Algy had to leave Jack's estate to be with his Bunbury persona. According to a story Algy had told earlier, Bunbury was very sick.

How many months did Cecily say that she and Ernest were engaged?

Cecily told Algy, who she knew as Ernest, that they had been engaged for three months. Algy proposed to her as Ernest and she said 'yes' right away!

What did both Cecily and Gwendolen say that they imagined about the men they loved?

Cecily and Gwendolen both said that they imagined the men they loved would be named Ernest. Jack and Algy were both pretending to be Jack's brother, Ernest, which was causing them a lot of trouble.

Who did Gwendolen believe was Cecily's guardian?

Gwendolen believed that Ernest was Cecily's guardian. She was happy to find out that it was actually Jack who was her guardian, but she was surprised to find out the Cecily was engaged to Ernest.

Of what did Gwendolen get a tattoo to show her love for Jack, who she thought was Ernest?

Gwendolen got a tattoo of Ernest's name. She got quite the surprise when she found out that the man who she thought was named Ernest was actually named Jack.

What did both Jack and Algy ask Dr. Chasuble to do?

Both Jack and Algy approached Dr. Chasuble and asked to be christened. Dr. Chasuble agreed. Jack argued that Algy had previously been christened, but Algy was set on being christened a second time.

How did Jack and Algy get Gwendolen and Cecily to speak to them again?

Jack and Algy played a song for the girls in hopes of having them come down to talk. Their song worked and Gwendolen and Cecily decided to talk with the men about what had happened.

Who arrived at Jack's country house after the couples had made up?

Lady Bracknell arrived at Jack's country house after the couples had made up. She was astounded to find that Gwendolen had gone against her wishes and ran off to be with Jack.

What did Algy tell Lady Bracknell about his friend Bunbury?

Algy told Lady Bracknell that his friend Bunbury had passed away. Lady Bracknell had said earlier in the movie that Bunbury should decide whether he wanted to live or die. She was happy to see that he had finally decided.

What did Jack say that Lady Bracknell must allow before he allowed Cecily to marry Algy?

Jack said that he would allow Cecily to marry Algy if Lady Bracknell allowed him to marry Gwendolen. This was too much for Lady Bracknell and she decided to leave.

Who was the baby that Miss Prism had stolen?

Jack was baby that Miss Prism had stolen. The story she told matched perfectly to what Jack had stated about his life earlier in the movie!

What was Jack's real relationship to Algy?

Jack was Algy's younger brother. Lady Bracknell revealed that he was the son of her sister. Jack was ecstatic that he really had a brother and no longer had to pretend that he had a brother named Ernest!

Who did Miss Prism love?

Miss Prism loved Dr. Chasuble. He and Miss Prism shared many moments throughout the movie. Dr. Chasuble even painted pictures of Miss Prism which she found in one of his folders.

In the credits, whose funeral do the family and friends attend?

In the credits, the family and friends attend Bunbury's funeral. Everyone except Jack and Algy knew the truth about Bunbury, so they made sure to have a proper funeral for the fake persona.

Who gets a tattoo in the end credits?

In the end credits, Jack gets a tattoo. The tattoo is the same style as Gwendolen's, and it is a tattoo of her name. Gwendolen stuck with Jack throughout the process.

What does Jack, as Ernest, refuse to do when he dines at The Savoy?

Jack, as Ernest, refuses to pay his bill when he dines with Algy at The Savoy. Algy was surprised by this.

What did Algy, as Ernest, say that Cecily was like?

Algy, as Ernest, told Cecily that she was like a pink rose. Jack overheard Algy and Cecily's conversation and walked into the room with perfect timing.

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