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Vegas, baby! What's not to love? Everyone enjoys Vegas, but not everyone is familiar with the unique history of this desert oasis. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of everything that there is to know about Las Vegas. It's time to put on your Elvis glasses.

What is Vegas built on?

Las Vegas is not built on virtue! But that's why everyone flocks to Sin City when they need to let their hair down.

What state is Vegas in?

Las Vegas is in Nevada, and it has brought in trillions of dollars for the state. It should be the capital!

When were most casinos first built?

Most casinos were built in Vegas in the 1940s. That was when East Coast organized crime rolled in.

What kind of dice are used in Vegas?

Only sharp, cubic dice are used in Vegas. Rounded edges on the dice are not permitted.

What famous neon sign is outside the Pioneer Club?

There's a famous neon sign of a cowboy outside the Pioneer Club. When it went up, it was the largest of its kind in the world.

What was the largest win at a Vegas slot machine?

Some guy actually won $39 million at an Excalibur slot machine. He chose a $1.5 million payout per year, for 25 years.

Where do 1,000 Vegas denizens live?

There are estimated to be 1,000 people that live underground in Vegas. Apparently there are tunnels!

What is the major employer in Vegas?

Entertainment and casinos are the main employers in Vegas. The city receives roughly 40 million visitors a year.

Michael Jackson almost built a _____ in Vegas.

Michael Jackson nearly built a 50-foot-tall moon walking robot. It was to promote his comeback in 2005.

What is the main drag of Vegas called?

The main drag of Vegas is called the Strip. That's where all the action happens and where the main hotels are located.

What was the first resort built in 1941?

El Rancho Vegas resort opened in 1941. Soon thereafter, other resorts were built off U.S. 91.

The original resorts had an ______ style.

The original Vegas resorts had an Old-West style. Gambling and prostitution seemed like a natural extension of this.

What was the first luxury resort built in Vegas?

The Flamingo was the first luxury resort built in Vegas. It was built by a mobster who named it after his girlfriend, a dancer with long legs like a flamingo.

Which of these was built in the '50s and '60s?

All of these swanky hotels were built in the 1950s and 1960s. The new look was Hollywood-chic.

Which of these performers drew huge crowds in Vegas?

All of these performers drew huge crowds in Vegas. In later years, it would be Celine Dion and Britney Spears!

Which was the first mega-resort?

The Mirage was the first mega-resort built in Vegas. It was from developer Steve Wynn, and it was built in 1989.

Which famous genius lived in Vegas?

Howard Hughes lived in Vegas for a while. He was in the penthouse of the Desert Inn and decided to just buy the hotel.

Is prostitution in Vegas legal?

Prostitution is actually not legal in Vegas. But that doesn't stop anyone from trying!

The water in Vegas fountains is ______?

Don't drink the fountain water - it hasn't been treated for that. The famous Bellagio fountain is fed by a well that was once connected to the Dunes golf course.

Someone had a heart attack at the _____ Grill.

Yep, someone had a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill. They were asking for it, weren't they?

What's the brightest place on Earth when looking from space?

That's right. Vegas is the brightest place on Earth! Take that, City of Lights!

Las Vegas has a large population of _____ ?

There's a large population of Hawaiians that live in Vegas. That is why it's called Hawaii's 9th island.

In the 1900s, Nevada was popular for what?

Nevada was a quick and easy destination for getting a divorce. Today, Vegas is a quick and easy place to get married.

What was the name of the first chapel in Vegas?

The Little Church of the West was Vegas' first wedding chapel. It was opened in 1942.

People originally flocked to Vegas to work on what?

The Hoover Dam was the original draw for workers to come to Vegas. It was originally called the Boulder Dam.

When the Wynn opened, it was _______ ?

Not only was the Wynn the most expensive hotel and casino in Vegas, it was the most expensive in the world. Today, it's still pretty damn expensive.

Why do some hotels not have floors that start with the number 4?

Some Asian cultures believe that the number 4 is bad luck. That's why it's not found on some hotel floors.

What's buried under the Flamingo?

Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel owned the Flamingo. After he was murdered, the tunnel that his car was in was filled and sealed.

How much does it cost to shine that light from the Luxor?

The electric bill for that light is $51 per hour. In the grand scheme of things, that doesn't seem like all that much.

How much did Liberace make in Vegas in the 1970s?

Liberace made $30,000 a week with his piano act in the '70s. He played at the Hilton.

Which hotel in Vegas has the most rooms?

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is the largest hotel in the country. It's the third largest in the world.

Who commits a third of the theft and cheating in Vegas?

Apparently, 34% of crime and theft in Vegas is committed by the staff! Talk about needing a background check.

What does "Las Vegas" mean in Spanish?

"Las Vegas" means "The Meadows" in Spanish. It was named by Rafael Rivera, the first European to explore the area.

What do visitors to Vegas eat a lot of?

For some reason, when in Vegas, people want to eat shrimp. In fact, visitors consume over 60,000 pounds per day.

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