Quiz: Do You Know the Constitutional Amendments?
Do You Know the Constitutional Amendments?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

The Constitutional amendments are just as important as the Constitution itself! In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of these vital amendments to see just how much you understand about the U.S. government. After that, you can think of some amendments of your own!

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The 22nd Amendment states that a president can hold office for how many terms?
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You can't have your voting rights removed for _____ ?
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The first ten amendments are known as what?
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What is the most complicated amendment?
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Where can you find the Bill of Rights today?
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How many amendments are there?
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When an amendment is proposed, it may be passed when?
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Per the 7th Amendment, you are allowed a trial by jury in certain _________.
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Which is true about the First through Tenth Amendments?
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The 12th Amendment addresses what?
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What did a famous 1865 amendment do, regarding slavery?
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The 15th Amendment prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on what?
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Was there an amendment where booze was made illegal?
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In what year was there an amendment regarding women's voting rights?
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When was the 18th Amendment, regarding booze, repealed?
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When did the amendment that lowered the voting age to 18 take effect?
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Which article of the Constitution details the procedure for amending the Constitution?
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For an amendment to be official, it must pass a majority ___ vote in the House and Senate.
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An amendment can also be passed by whom?
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Which amendment grants the right to bear arms?
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The Eighth Amendment prohibits punishment that is unusual and ______?
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The 14th Amendment details the equal protection clause, the due process clause, and the ______ clause.
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The 20th Amendment, dealing with term starts for government officials, is also known as what?
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In what year was the last amendment ratified?
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The First Amendment protects the right to _________ the government.
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Per the Third Amendment, citizens wouldn't have to _______ soldiers during peace time.
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When did the U.S. government get the right to tax our income?
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The Eleventh Amendment makes states immune from what?
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The 17th established the direct election of United States senators by ______ vote.
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D.C. got Electoral votes in what year?
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Which amendment addresses search warrants?
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The Bill of Rights was set forth by whom?
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The Seventh Amendment says that people have the right to a jury trial in civil suits exceeding how much money?
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What is the most important Constitutional amendment?
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