Quiz: Do you know the basics of programming jargon?
Do you know the basics of programming jargon?
By: Maria Trimarchi
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From the basic seven-part programming cycle, beginning with requirements setting and construction through deployment and maintenance, comes a lot of really specific vocabulary -- some funny, some matter-of-fact, and all really helpful once you know what they mean. Do you?

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In programming, what is a client?
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Also known as "RAID 1," what is the name for when you replicate data onto separate physical hard disks?
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What is the basics of a computer program?
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What is considered duplicate code?
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Which is not a programming language?
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What's it called when a programmer breaks down a complex problem into easier-to-manage sections?
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If there's an error in your program and it doesn't run correctly, what's that mistake in the programming called?
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What does AI stand for in programming development?
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The Ruby language is used to build the Ruby on Rails web framework. What programming language is used to build applications for the Django web framework?
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What is an action statement?
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What's the point of practicing the abstraction principle?
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A Boolean expression, also called a Boolean or bool, has a value that's what?
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Which is not a Boolean operator?
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What does it mean if part of one piece of code is contained within another?
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What's the best way to complete the following? "My program didn't run properly, and I've been ____ the code all day."
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State of the art technologies are considered "cutting edge." What kind of technologies are "bleeding edge"?
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Which is not an example of a programming tool?
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The graphical user interface of a computer is which part?
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What is a computer that hosts and serves code called?
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Code that's hard to follow, at least by a human, because it's sloppy and poorly organized is called what?
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What language is "pseudo code" written in?
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What's it called when a program that's running suddenly stops?
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Some programming langugages use actual words. Which is not a word used in FORTRAN, one of the very first modern programming languages?
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YAGNI is a principle in the software development methodology called XP (extreme programming). What does it stand for?
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