Quiz: Do You Know the Basic Principles of Mechanics?
Do You Know the Basic Principles of Mechanics?
By: Annette
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Some fundamentals of mechanics were discovered by scientists before the birth of Christ. These basic ideas continue to be the foundation of our understanding of how things move! Speaking of moving, your intelligence is about to get a run for its money.

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Mechanics is a branch of which science?
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Who believed that Earth had separate rules of mechanics?
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Who pointed out Aristotle's errors in mechanics?
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What do you call the theory that the sun is the center of the world?
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Who discovered that there is more than one solar system?
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Which of these is credited to Galileo?
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Who created the three laws of planetary motion?
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Classical mechanics is ______ mechanics.
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According to Newton, time and _______ are independent​ of one another.
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Is force an absolute​ attribute of mechanics?
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Mechanics can also be described as the science of the motion of what?
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To guess the motion of an object, mechanics makes use of what?
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Newton's laws allow us to make a mathematical model or equations of ______.
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Can we make formulas for the movement of liquids and gases?
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The mechanics of water are known as ______.
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Which law includes the concept that a body at rest not acted upon by an external force will remain at rest?
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Who said, “If I put pressure with a finger upon a stone with a certain force, then the stone also puts pressure upon my finger with the same force”?
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Who discovered the gravitational constant G?
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Who wrote "On the Equilibrium of Planes"?
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Weight = body mass multiplied by what?
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Newton's "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" was published when?
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How many classes of force are there?
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Which is true, according to the special theory of relativity?
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If several forces act upon a particle, net force is the ______ of these forces.
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Who formulated the theory of relativity?
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What is the name for a diagram indicating the forces acting on a body?
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The theory of relativity deviated from classical mechanics to what degree?
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Quantum mechanics deals with the behavior of what?
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Can engineers build bridges using classical mechanics?
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Copernicus' “Six Books Concerning the Revolutions of the Heavenly Orbs” sparked what?
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Who used a telescope?
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