Quiz: Do You Know in Which State You Can Find These Things?
Do You Know in Which State You Can Find These Things?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Drmakkoy / DigitalVision Vectors / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The United States is a country that has been blessed with beautiful natural resources and amazing man-made structures and has been gifted with statues and the like from friends abroad. All of these things together means that within the U.S., you'll get some of the most recognizable landmarks, not only in the country but around the world. From the Alamo to the Mississippi River and the Carlsbad Cavern to Arches National Park, these are some of the most visited sites in the United States. And we'd like to find out if you know in which state these fantastic sites are located.

So we'll show you a picture of the landmark and include a tiny clue with each question. Then you will have to try to figure out which state each landmark is in and hope that your answer is correct. And you don't have to be American to get them correct, either, because most of them are places that travel lovers, architecture fans and people in general know. 

If you think you know enough about the United States to not only know what their most famous landmarks are but also where they're located, it's time to get started on this quiz. 

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