Quiz: Do You Know How These Unique Animals Attack?
Do You Know How These Unique Animals Attack?
By: John Miller
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Every creature on Earth has to eat, but most animals don't have access to a microwave. Instead, Mother Nature equips predators with myriad weapons and techniques to kill their dinner. Do you know how these unique animals kill?

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As it stalks its prey, how does the cookiecutter shark blend into light beaming down through the water column?
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How do boa constrictors kill prey?
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What do boa constrictors do with their prey after they squeeze it to death?
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What weapon does the blanket octopus use to stun prey?
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How can a blanket octopus possibly obtain a deadly jellyfish's stingers for its own use?
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What sort of creature is the tarantula hawk?
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How long is the tarantula hawk's stinger?
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Epomis ground beetle larvae lure amphibians into trying to eat them by using their ____ as lures.
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How do the Epomis ground beetle larvae eat their (much larger) prey?
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What special killing motion do crocodiles use?
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If a jaguar attacks you, it will likely aim for your _____.
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When attacking the heads of their prey, how do jaguars manage to kill hard-headed animals?
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How do golden eagles sometimes kill much larger animals?
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How does the South African spitting scorpion attack potential predators?
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How does the South African spitting scorpion adjust its attack when threatened?
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How do Brazilian wandering spiders catch prey?
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Brazilian wandering spiders are from the genus Phoneutria, which is based on a Greek word that means ____.
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How do driver ants kill much larger creatures?
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How does the peacock mantis shrimp attack prey?
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How fast is the strike of a peacock mantis shrimp's club?
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What weapons does the marble cone snail wield?
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