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You know how Adam and Eve are related but it only gets harder from there! From the first man and woman came a long, long line of descendants who were related in some way. From cousins, to parents, children and distant relatives, this quiz will test you on them all!

Can you identify how characters such as Mary and Joseph, Abraham and Sarah and Jesus and Jude related? Do you know what ancestors connect two biblical figures together? How many biblical brothers and sisters can you name? Do you know who Noah's children are? All of this knowledge will help you to ace this quiz!

Do you know how some of the less prominent characters in the Bible are related to one another? Can you name all of the founders of the Tribes of Israel? If so, then do know their families and what they are to one another? Figures from all different time periods will show up in this quiz!

Remembering your own family tree is hard, but remember those of the Bible is even harder! If you consider yourself to be an expert genealogist of the Bible, what are you waiting for? Crack out your biblical family tree and see how well you score!

How are Abraham and Ishmael related?

Abraham was the father of Ishmael while his mother was named Hagar. Hagar became the new wife of Abraham after his current wife at the time couldn't conceive. Hagar was actually introduced to Abraham through Sara, showing that she truly wanted her husband to have a child.


How are Mary and Joseph related?

Mary and Joseph are related by marriage, which resulted in the virgin birth of baby Jesus. They are perhaps among the most famous biblical figures in the world. Joseph is a descendant of Terah and Jacob and Rachel's son.


How are Noah and Japheth related?

Noah and Japheth are father and son, with Japheth being the third born. Japheth had quite the family of his own with seven children, with two of them having children of their own as well.


Is it true or false that Eleazar was the father of Phineas?

This is true. When Phineas grew up, he became a priest, following in the footsteps of his father. Eleazar is also considered to be an ancestor to Jesus.


How are Ham and Shem related?

Ham and Shem were both sons of Noah, of Noah's Ark, making them brothers. You may remember hearing about the brothers in the story about the Curse of Canaan, as they played a role in the story. Canaan was in fact the son of Ham.


How are Jacob and Esau related?

Jacob and Esau are twin brothers who were born to Isaac and his wife, Rebekah. The two rivaled each from even before they were born, as Jacob tried to pull Esau back into the womb. All of their conflicts were over birthright advantages.


How are Abraham and Sarah related?

Not only are Abraham and Sarah related by marriage, the Bible mentions that they are also brother and sister. The two of them had one child, Isaac, which neither of them believed would happen due to how old they were at the time. Abraham was 99, after all!


How are Rachel and Joseph related?

Rachel and Joseph were mother and son, with Joseph's father being Jacob. Did you know that Jacob had two wives? His other son with Rachel was named Benjamin, of the Tribe of Benjamin.


How are Cain and Aclima related?

Did you know that Cain and Aclima are twins? The two are the daughter and son of Adam and Eve, who also had two other sons, Abel and Seth. Aclima was also married to her brother, Abel, before he was murdered by Cain.


How are Ephraim and Manasseh related?

Ephraim and Manasseh were brothers born to Joseph. These two biblical brothers are famous for being favorites of their grandfather, Jacob. Before passing away, he requested to bless the two boys he loved so much.


How are Ham and Phut related?

Phut is the son of Ham, and he is best attributed to being the founder of Libya. With Ham as his father, he is a descendant of Noah, namely, his grandson along with his brothers Cush, Canaan and Mizraim.


How are Zilpah and Gad related?

This relationship can get confusing! Jacob only had two wives, but his wives allowed him to have children with their maids. One of them was Zilpah, who gave birth to Gad and Asher, but the two children were raised by Leah.


Is it true or false that Peleg is the son of Eber?

This is true. Peleg was Eber's son, and he was a father himself to a few unspecified children. Not much is known about the two other than their families.


How are Arpachshad and Salah related?

Arpachshad and Salah are father and son who are both part of Noah's bloodline. The two were alive before the great flood took place.


How are Leah and Laban related?

Leah and Laban are father and daughter. Leah grew up to marry Jacob and have children. She gave birth to the founders of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. That's a big legacy to leave behind!


Is it true or false that Joktan was Eber's brother?

This is false. Joktan was actually one of Eber's sons. Did you know that Joktan was a prince who had power over kids he ruled along with two others?


How are Gomer and Japheth related?

Gomer was Japheth's son, and a descendant of Shem. Did you know that Gomer is said to have lived over 1,000 years? That's one of the longest lives in the Bible!


How are Libni and Levi related?

Libni is one of Levi's many grandsons with his father being Levi's son, Gershon. There is not much known about Libni, but his grandfather's legacy was left in the hands of his descendants, including Libni.


How are Jesus and Jude thought to be related?

Jude and Jesus are thought to be brothers. It has not been proven, but it is possible that they are actually cousins instead. Jude is also thought to be the apostle of Jesus, although that remains unproven as well. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding both of these men!


How are Jochebed and Jacob related?

Jochebed is the granddaughter of Jacob, as Jacob's son, Levi is her father. She later married her nephew, Amram, who was the son of Kohath. The two had three children of their own, one of them being the infamous Moses.


How are Enoch and Enos related?

Enos was four generations ahead of his distant relative, Enoch. Interestingly, Noah is a descendant of both of these men. Enoch left much more of a legacy than his relative did, as it was thought that he was alive when he was accepted into Heaven.


Is it true or false that Deborah was married to Lapidoth?

This is true. Deborah was a prophet who even has her own song. Not much was known about her husband Lapidoth, however, other than his job as a judge.


How are Amran and Hebron related?

Amram and Hebron were both sons of Kohath, making them brothers. The two brothers were descendants of Levi, and Hebron even had a city that bore his name.


How are Adam and Abel related?

Adam is Abel's father, while Eve is his mother. Abel was a middle child, being born after Cain, and he was also the first person in history who died. Of course, the death was not on his own terms as he was murdered by Cain.


How are Nahor and Iscah related?

Nahor was Iscah's uncle, as she was the daughter of his brother, Haran. Not much is known about Iscah, but her uncle, Nahor, became the founder of his own settlement which he named after himself.


Is it true or false that Lot's father was Cain?

This is false. Lot's father was in fact, Haran, who had two other children, a son and a daughter. Did you know that Lot only had biological daughters, and no sons?


How are Moses and Zipporah related?

Moses and Zipporah were partners, and the parents of Eliezer and Gershom. In fact, Zipporah was the savior of Moses in his time of need, when she spared his life from God. Talk about soul mates!


How are David and Abital related?

David had many concubines and lovers, Abital being one of them. The two were married and had just one child, Shephatiah. Shephatiah's step-siblings included Amnon and Maachah.


Is it true or false that Jared was Mahalalel's brother?

This is false. Mahalalel was Jared's father, who was married to Dinah. Both men were descendants of Adam and Eve through their third son, Seth.


How are Isaiah and Amoz related?

The Prophet Isaiah was the son of Amoz. Isaiah was a highly respected person who was even included in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel painting. Did you know that it is thought that Isaiah was a vegetarian?


How were Peter and John related?

Peter was the son of John, who is a mystery figure in the Bible as not much is known about him. Peter, however, grew up to become one of the apostles of Jesus, and he was canonized as a saint after his death. Andrew was also the brother of Peter, and one of the apostles!


Is it true or false that Perez is the son of Judah?

This is true. Perez was the son of Judah and his wife Tamar. Perez actually had a twin named Zerah and he was a descendant of the infamous King David.


How are Miriam and Aaron related?

Miriam and Aaron were siblings who were the children of Amram and Jochebed. The two were very close with their brother Moses, as all three took part in Moses' relocation of the Jewish people from Egypt.


How are Noah and Lamech related?

Noah and Lamech are father and son who are descendants of Adam and Eve. Lamech never saw the great flood that resulted in Noah's Ark, as he had passed at that time.


Is it true or false that Paul and King Herod are thought to be related?

This is true. It is true that Paul was of Herodian descent, meaning that he was somehow related to King Herod. Even more evidence comes from the fact that Paul once referred to the king as his "kinsmen" in the Bible. Was Paul trying to tell us something?


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