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C'est Magnifique! We all want to be Julia Child in the kitchen, but thank goodness she left behind so many wonderful cooking tips. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of all things cuisine, a la Julia Child! Put on your apron, and let's get to it.

According to Julia,"With enough _____, anything is good."

Yes, Julia liked butter. And more butter, and more butter, and . . . .

How do you test baking powder's freshness?

After six months, baking powder is no good. When you put a teaspoon in hot water and it bubbles, then you're still good to go!

What is clarified butter best for?

Clarified butter removes the liquid butter from the solid residue. This can be done by yourself by heating it and then sifting it. Great for sauteing​!

What's a great way to test meat's doneness without a thermometer​?

As meat becomes more well done it gets more springy to the touch. Rare meat feels squishy, but springy meat is all the way cooked.

What should you do before poaching the perfect egg?

According to Julia, this will help the egg maintain its shape when you finally poach it.

What's the secret to perfect hollandaise?

By mixing the butter and egg yolks in a blender, you get a smoother consistency. Thanks, Julia!

What's Julia's technique for the perfect omlette called?

By getting the pan very hot and then adding the whisked eggs, you keep shaking and jerking the pan for a fluffy, perfectly done omelet​. Don't just sit there staring at it!

What's does a perfect hard-boiled egg yolk look like?

That means it's cooked through! Julia suggests putting the eggs into the pot first, then adding water and allowing to boil. Remove​ the pot and allow it to sit covered for 17 minutes. Voila!

What is the term used for Julia's perfect method for hard-boiling eggs?

Coddling is the method by which you allow the eggs to heat with the water, and once boiling, you remove the pot from the heat.

How does Julia cook turkey faster than anyone else?

By removing the breasts from the legs and wings, the bird cooks much faster! And it still tastes wonderful.

According to Julia, when in doubt, which sauce should you choose?

This was Julia's favorite sauce. You simmer some white wine and white wine vinegar, add shallots, cream and a ton of butter. You can't go wrong with butter. . .

What's the secret to crispy chicken skin?

There it is again. Butter! Massage the skin before baking, and you're going to see that the bird comes out crispy and delicious.

What's a life lesson we can all learn from Julia?

Julia didn't enter cooking school until she was 37. No matter what your​ age, it's never too late to start something new and be successful!

How do you clean a blackened pan?

Simmer the baking soda inside the pan for 10 minutes. Then cover and let soak for several hours. It should come off easily!

How do you fold ingredients like egg whites and flour into a cake mixture?

You don't want to deflate the fixture, and therefore you need to cut it in half in the bowl, separate it up the sides of the bowl and fold it back over the remaining mixture. Tricky stuff.

What does Julia suggest about broccoli?

By peeling the stems with a paring knife, you'll get delicious, tender broccoli every time. Oh, and add butter, too. . .

How do you get the peels off garlic?

By simply boiling the garlic for 30 seconds, the peels should come off effortlessly.

What's Julia's rule for cooked spinach?

Julia suggests squeezing the spinach to get all the excess water out. Otherwise, it's going to be soggy.

According to Julia, "Cooking is one failure after another, and that's. . ."?

Failure forces you to learn! Even Julia experienced trial and error.

What's Julia's preferred way of sharpening knives?

Julia always used a circular motion, as she felt this gave her a sharper edge. Try it at home. It's labor intensive!

What's Julia's method for improving canned broth?

Simmer it for 15 minutes with a little wine and mirepoix.

What's the best preparation of new potatoes​?

These potatoes, along with Yukon gold and red-skinned potatoes, are best when boiled.

What's the best preparation for russet potatoes?

Russet potatoes are best baked or mashed. They're a more starchy potato, and they are good with a robust preparation.

What's the best way to remove the skin of an onion?

Similar to garlic, Julia suggests boiling the onion briefly and then removing the outermost and second layer of the onion before chopping.

How do you keep butter from browning when sauteing?

The oil will keep the butter from browning, unless you specifically want brown butter!

When peeling and chopping, it is best to. . .?

To make cleanup faster, put the scraps on one side and the finished pieces on the other. That way you can easily discard all the scraps when you're done chopping.

What's Julia's preferred product for cleaning a counter where meat has been handled?

Julia always had this on-hand. Use one tablespoon of bleach to 16 ounces of water.

According to Julia, "I felt I’d have to _______ at least a hundred classes before I really knew what I was doing.”

Julia was big on teaching, and she felt that through teaching she could learn!

To improve her cooking, what else did Julia study?

She wanted to communicate with her teachers as much as possible and learn from French cuisine, so she studied French!

What did Julia use the leftover juices of a steak for?

The leftover juices from meat were used to makes sauces. Seems like a good, economical idea!

When sautéing, use either oil and butter or. . .?

Clarified butter will not brown, so you can use it instead of combining oil and butter. Please, never use margarine. For anything.

What's the best method for proofing yeast?

It should start to bubble. That's how you know that it's active and ready to go!

What kind of red wine should you cook with?

Young, full reds -- such as Zinfandel -- are ideal for cooking. Chianti works well, too.

What kind of white wine should you cook with?

Sauvignon works great. But Julia prefers French Vermouth!

What's the process for removing the smell of garlic from your hands?

This process would be something that Julia might repeat until the smell was gone. Rubbing your hands with salt also exfoliates them!

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