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Gearheads have their own way of communicating. When hanging out and kicking some tires, you gotta know the biker slang in order to communicate with your fellow motorcyclists. In this quiz, we're going to increase your speed-driven vocabulary.


The 1%ers are those that aren't law-abiding motorcyclists. They get the name because the other 99% of riders are law-abiding.


ABS is an acronym for anti-lock brakes. This same acronym is used for cars, as well.


Many bikers are card-carrying BATF members. (That's a joke). That means that they're a part of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Bar Hopper

A bar hopper is a term used for a bike that's for driving from bar to bar. Ie., it's a bike that is quite flashy, and not meant for long rides.

Cafe racers are _____ in style.

Cafe racers are bikes that are customized in the style of the British street-racing motorcycles. These were popular in the '60s and '70s.


A cage is a car, truck or van. A cager is someone who is in a car, truck or van.

Where is Biketoberfest?

Biketoberfest and the Bike Week rally take place in Daytona Beach, Florida. Bikers just refer to this as Daytona.

Easy Rider

Easy Rider refers to both the motorcycle magazine and the movie. If you haven't seen Easy Rider, then you're not a biker.

Fairing is located _____ .

The fairing is located at the front of the bike. It is bodywork that is designed to deflect rain, wind, debris and deer.

Fishtailing involves the _____ wheel.

Fishtailing involves the back wheel. More specifically, it's the side-to-side sliding of the rear wheel.

Flat head

The flat head is a type of engine. It's a horizontally oriented engine of four or six cylinders.


GBFN is an acronym for Gone But Not Forgotten. Unfortunately, biking is so dangerous that this acronym is necessary.

"Hog" refers to _____ .

HOG is an acronym for Harley Owners Group. Sometimes the bike itself is referred to as a HOG.


Hack is another name for a side car. Sometimes the car is referred to as a side hack.


Hamsters are high-profile bikers who have custom motorcycles. They come to biking events wearing yellow T-shirts with a Hamster logo.

I Rode Mine

I Rode Mine is often found on T-shirts at bike rallies. The shirt is meant to shame those who trailer their bikes to said rallies.

Indian is from _____ .

Indian is an old American bike manufacturer. Indian still produces bikes today, and they're quite popular.

Inline Four is _____ .

An inline four, or inline six, is a type of engine. The inline four configuration has all four cylinders aligned in a row.

Jets are located where?

Jets are located on the carburetor. They're actually ports in the carburetor through which the fuel will flow.


Bikers will be bikers. Jugs can refer to a woman's anatomy, and also to cylinders. Both are beloved by bikers.

A kicker has _____ .

A kicker, or kickstart, does not have an electric starter. They must be manually kick-started.

King and Queen Seat

The King and Queen Seat has a saddle for the driver and a saddle for the passenger. It was common on choppers in the '70s.

You find lace on _____ .

Lace is found on the wheels. When you lace a wheel, you install spokes.

Monkey Butt

Monkey butt refers to a sore posterior. This is common after a very long day of riding.

The neck is located ______ .

The neck is located at the front of the bike. It is the part of the frame that is just behind the steering head.

Pancake engine

A pancake engine is horizontally opposed. Not to be confused with the Panhead, which is a Harley engine from between '48 and '65.

Pasta Rocket

Pasta rocket is used to describe an Italian sport bike. It seems like a stereotype, but the Italians don't seem to be offended.

2 into 1

2 into 1 refers to a bike with two exhaust pipes mated into one pipe. It is also in reference to two header pipes mated into one muffler pipe.

81 refers to _____ .

The number 81 refers to Hell's Angels. The eighth letter of the alphabet is H and the first letter is A. Get it?


Aftermarket parts and accessories are not OEM. Ie., they're not from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The apex of a curve is the ____ portion.

The apex of a curve is the tightest part of that curve. Apex refers to the highest point of something.


BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works or Bayerisc​he Motoren Werke. This is a manufacturer of bikes and cars, whose '60s and '70s models have a cult following.

Beehive is a kind of ____ .

A beehive is a style of tail light. It has a shape that is similar to a cone.


CMA refers to the Christian Motorcycle Association. Even good Christians feel the need for speed.

Are dirt bikes street legal?

Dirt bikes are not street legal. These are off-road bikes that can't be used anywhere else.

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