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Think you know baseball? Do you know who holds the major records in the Major Leagues? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the legends of the game.

Which legend broke the MLB color barrier when he made his major league debut with the Dodgers, on April 15, 1947?

Robinson's debut was delayed until he was 28 years old, due to segregation in Major League Baseball. He was a career .311 hitter who stole home plate 19 times.

Which all-time slugging great also has two 20-win seasons as a pitcher?

When the Sultan of Swat retired in 1935, he held career records in home runs, RBI’s, walks, total bases, on-base percentage and slugging percentage. He also holds the record of most innings pitched (14) in a single World Series game.

Which player holds the consecutive games played record, with 2,632?

Iron Man played in 8,243 consecutive innings. He was an All-Star 19 times, and won the AL MVP twice.

Which legendary speedster holds the all-time record for stolen bases?

The Man of Steal is also the all-time leader in runs with 2,295, and he holds the modern era single-season steals record, with 130 in 1982. On Opening Day of 2017, the Oakland A's honored him when they named their field Rickey Henderson Field.

Which ace holds the all-time record for strikeouts, with 5,714?

The Ryan Express also set the record for most no-hitters, with seven. Despite these incredible records, Ryan never won a Cy Young Award.

Which pitcher retired as the all-time saves leader, with 652?

Rivera was an All-Star 13 times in his career. He gave up only two post-season home runs in 141 innings.

Which player holds the all-time hits record with 4,256?

Charlie Hustle also holds records for games played and at-bats. He was an MVP, a two-time Gold Glove winner, and played in 17 All-Star Games.

Which player is the all-time home run leader?

Barry Bonds holds the all-time record, with 762 career home runs. Bonds also holds the single-season home run record, with 73.

Which legendary player hit safely in a record 56 consecutive games

The Yankee Clipper was the first Yankee to win three MVP Awards. DiMaggio hit 361career home runs while striking out only 369 times.

Which Yankee legend became the first switch-hitter to hit 500 home runs?

Mantle is the all-time World Series home run leader, with 18. He also holds the single-season home run record for switch-hitters, with 54.

Which pitching great has 511 career wins, 94 more than anyone else in MLB history?

Cyclone had 749 complete games in his career. In 1956, Commissioner Ford Frick created the Cy Young Award to honor the game's best pitchers.

Who is the only player to win the MVP Award in both the American and National Leagues?

Robinson was the first African-American manager in the major leagues, in 1975 with the Cleveland Indians. Robinson went on to manage the Giants, Orioles, Expos and Nationals.

Which modern-day legend set the record for most hits in a single season, with 262 hits in 2004?

The Wizard holds the record for most hits by a rookie in 2001. He’s also tied with Pete Rose for the most seasons (10) with more than 200 hits, and is the only player in MLB history with 10 consecutive 200+ hit seasons.

Which legendary player's baseball card is widely considered the most valuable card of all time?

The Flying Dutchman, considered by many as the greatest shortstop ever, was an eight-time batting champion and retired with .328 batting average for his career. In 1900, Wagner led the league in batting average, doubles, triples and slugging percentage.

Which 1909 AL Triple Crown Winner has the highest career batting average (.366) in MLB history?

Cobb won a record 11 batting titles in his career, and he stole 897 bases. Cobb received more Hall of Fame votes than Babe Ruth, who was inducted in the same class of 1936.

Which player was a World Series MVP for two different teams?

Mr. October won World Series MVP Awards with the Oakland A's and the New York Yankees. Jackson hit 18 home runs in 77 postseason games.

Who is the only shortstop to hit 50 home runs in one season?

Rodriguez is fourth all-time, with 696 career home runs. He's also third all-time in RBI's, with 2,086.

Which player retired with the all-time home run record, despite never hitting more than 47 home runs in a single season?

Aaron still holds the all-time record for RBIs with 2,297. He also holds the record for most All-Star Game selections, with 25.

Which current player was the first Triple Crown hitter since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967?

Cabrera won the Triple Crown in 2012, with the Detroit Tigers. He's won three consecutive AL batting titles, a feat only accomplished by four other players in MLB history.

Which player holds the all-time career On Base Percentage (OBP) Record?

Teddy Ballgame led the American League in OBP 12 times. He also won six batting titles and two Triple Crowns.

Which of these players was the first in MLB history to be walked six times in one game?

Nicknamed The Beast, Foxx is one of nine players with three MVP Awards. Only Barry Bonds has more.

Which player received the highest percentage of votes for the Baseball Hall of Fame, with 99.32%?

The Kid is sixth all-time in home runs, with 630. He is also one of only three players to go deep in eight consecutive games.

Which legendary player is the only catcher to ever lead the league in total bases?

Bench led the league in home runs twice and in caught stealing percentage three times. He threw out 43% of base stealers in his career.

Which five-time Cy Young Award winner once struck out 20 batters in one game?

The Big Unit led the league in strikeouts nine times in his career. Johnson also threw two no-hitters and a perfect game.

Which player was in every All-Star Game from 1954-1973?

The Say Hey Kid was the first National Leaguer to join the 30/30 club. He also won 12 Gold Glove Awards, despite the fact that the Gold Glove didn't exist for the first six seasons of his career.

Which player set a National League record, with at least 100 RBIs in 10 consecutive seasons?

Pujols also hit 30 homers over the same 10 seasons. In his first season, he set the NL record for RBIs by a rookie, with 130.

Which player won his second National League MVP award in 1946, the year he returned from serving in the U.S. Navy?

Musial won three NL MVPs in all. During the 1946 season, he led the St. Louis Cardinals to a World Series victory.

Which 12-time All-Star won the World Series MVP in 1971?

Clemente won four batting titles in his career, and he won the 1966 NL MVP. In his third Major League game, Clemente hit an inside-the-park home run, the first homer of his career.

Which pitching great holds the record for most Cy Young Awards, with seven?

The Rocket is the oldest player in MLB history to win a Cy Young when he won it at the age of 42. Clemens has two career 20-strike-out games, and was the first pitcher to strike out 20 batters in a nine-inning game.

Which Yankee legend holds the club record for stolen bases?

Jeter is also the Yankees career hits leader, with 3,465. The 2000 World Series MVP won five titles with the Yankees, including three consecutive World Series.

Which legendary southpaw had 382 strikeouts in a season, the most ever by a lefty?

Koufax threw 11 shutouts in 1963, helping him earn the Cy Young Award. Koufax won two more Cy Young, and was an All-Star six times.

Which pitcher holds the National League record for most seasons with 200+ strikeouts in a career?

Over his first ten seasons, Seaver had a 2.47 ERA. When he was inducted, he had the highest percentage of Hall of Fame votes in history, surpassed only by Ken Griffey Jr. in 2016.

Which player allowed only two runs over 95 innings in the 1968 season?

Gibson had an ERA of 1.12 and went 22-9 in the 1968 season. He was the first Cardinal to win a Cy Young Award, winning two in his career.

Who is the only pitcher to ever collect 15 wins over 17 consecutive seasons?

The Professor was the first pitcher to win four consecutive Cy Young Awards. He also won a record 18 Gold Glove Awards.

Who is the only player to win batting titles in three different decades?

Brett retired as one of only four players with 300 home runs, 3,000 hits and a .300 batting average. Brett played for 21 seasons, all with the Kansas City Royals.

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