Quiz: Do You Know Anything About Dinosaurs?
Do You Know Anything About Dinosaurs?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

They once ruled the Earth, and they ruled the box office in "Jurassic Park," but how much do you know about dinosaurs? In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of these phenomenal creatures. We're gonna get up close and personal with them. . . without getting our heads bitten off.

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Which continent did dinosaurs live on?
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What color were dinosaurs?
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Which state is the Stegosaurus State?
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Dinosaurs built what?
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What were the first dinosaurs?
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What does the word "dinosaur" mean?
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Who has the largest brain?
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What can be said about dinosaurs that walked on two feet?
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How long were T-Rex's little front legs?
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How long were T-Rex teeth?
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What is the name for dinosaurs that ran on two legs?
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How did dinosaurs reproduce?
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Which is true about plant-eating dinosaurs?
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Many scientists think that _____ are dinosaurs.
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The massive Quetzalcoatlus had a wingspan of what?
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Why did the Stegosaurus have plates on its back?
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What period did dinosaurs live in?
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Some of the largest dinosaur skulls are what size?
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How much did the biggest plant eaters consumer per day?
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Most dinosaurs were what size?
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Which is true about the first dinosaurs?
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What is true about a dinosaur lifespan?
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Which dinosaur had the biggest skull?
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Did dinosaurs shed their skin?
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Dinosaurs often swallowed which of these?
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Did dinosaurs cause global warming?
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Who was faster?
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How far up could a Brachiosaurus stretch its head?
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How many species of non-avian dinosaurs were there?
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Who studies dinosaurs?
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How many years did dinosaurs rule the Earth?
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How big were the largest dinosaur eggs?
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Meat-eating dinosaurs had what sort of bones?
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