Quiz: Do You Know All of These Common Carpentry Terms?
Do You Know All of These Common Carpentry Terms?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Andres Rodriguez / Blend Images / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Nailed it! Here is the perfect opportunity to show off your impressive vocabulary of carpentry terms!

The age-old profession of carpentry has always been a natural and exciting choice for those among us who love working with their hands to produce practical, meaningful and creative items. Carpentry is more than a physical skill, however, as there is plenty of mental processing and calculations which go with it. Furthermore, carpenters have to learn the jargon or language of carpentry, which can sound quite strange to the ears of an outsider listening in.

Not all of these terms are unique to carpentry, as some can be used and understood in other trades. Be warned, however, that while some of the terms are "plane" simple and common knowledge, there are others which will truly put your carpentry knowledge to the test. Are you up to the challenge or is your mastery of carpentry terms warped? Take the quiz and find out!

Even if you don't know every single one of these terms, remember "awl's" well that ends well. You will certainly know what they all mean by the time you finish the quiz! Plus, you'll learn some interesting carpentry facts along the way. So, go ahead and take the quiz, now!

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