Quiz: Do You Have Crazy Cat Lady Tendencies?
Do You Have Crazy Cat Lady Tendencies?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Image(s) by Sara Lynn Paige / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Would you rather hang out at home with your pride of cats than spend an evening out on the town? If you answered yes, there's a good chance you are already well on the road to becoming a crazy cat lady. Once you answer questions of a similar fashion, we'll let you know how many tendencies you have in the cat lady department. 

Dogs are great, and you might enjoy them, too. But there's nothing like the independent and quiet love that our feline friends give us. Not everyone could be a crazy cat lady, and it takes a special mindset to make the sort of home where a large number of cats could live together harmoniously. There's a lot of responsibility and a lot of love that goes into the lifestyle, and we want to find out where you stand. 

Whether you've been called a crazy cat lady or you are simply wondering about yourself, the answer is just around the corner. Share your love of animals and your personality with us, and we'll let you know where you fall on the scale. Are you as crazy for cats as you think you are or are you within the normal pet owner range? Don't you think it's time to know for sure?

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Which cat breed is the cutest?

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What kind of fish is tastiest?

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Which of the big cats do you find most majestic?

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What are you more likely to donate to an animal shelter?

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If you were a cat, which toy would be most interesting?

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Which name might you choose for a new cat?

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What makes really gets your claws out?

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Which of a cat's features is the cutest?

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What human food would you share with your cat?

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What color cat is the most attractive?

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Which cartoon cat makes you giggle?

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Which bird do you think looks most delicious?

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Which costume would you dress a cat in?

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