Quiz: Do You Have an Attractive Haircut?
Do You Have an Attractive Haircut?
By: Ian Fortey
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About This Quiz

Did you know that humans have been styling and cutting their hair for about as long as humans have existed with hair on their heads? There are 30,000-year-old depictions of hair being braided. A statue called the Venus of Willendorf depicts a female figure with braided hair and it's believed to date to that time. Another 25,000-year-old statue shows even more obviously styled hair. So salons have been in business for quite a while. That means even our most ancient of ancestors realized there was some benefit to doing something with their hair beyond letting it grow down to the floor and collect burrs and twigs and whatnot.

Choosing the right haircut is not always the simplest job. You may need to consider a few things. What length are you most comfortable with versus what length works best for your face and your har. Some of us go straight while some get very curly. Sometimes caring for long hair is just too much of a hassle so it's better to go short.  And sometimes you start losing your hair so you need to make adjustments for that, too. Hair - it's a little crazy. So the question is, does your haircut actually look good? We have one way to find out! Take the quiz and see!

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It's Tuesday morning and you just woke up. How much time are you spending to get your hair just right?

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Do people ever compliment you on your new haircut when you haven't actually had a haircut in a little while?

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It's fun to shake things up sometimes! Do you ever color your hair?

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So you went to get a haircut and you are looking so good. What kind of tip do you give the person who cut it?

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What is, hands down, the greatest hairstyle in the history of hair?

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Say cars aren't an option anymore. Pick an animal to ride besides a horse.

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They say you shouldn't care what other people think about you, but how much do you really care what other people think?

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Which animal has the coolest hair style?

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Do you prefer your hair to be really long or really short?

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What's the best way to get rid of hair when you can't find a pair of scissors?

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Hair's on top of your head. Now tell us what's on top of your ice cream!

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Do you do your hair most often for convenience or for looks?

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There are about 1,001 home remedies that are supposed to make your hair grow better. Which one sounds like something you'd try?

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Do you have a hair accessory of choice?

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What hairstyle could you never pull off but you wish you could try?

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You just won a free pizza! Yay! What topping do you need to have on it?

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If you were going to pick a completely unnatural hair color, what would you pick?

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There are a surprising number of movies about hair. What's your favorite?

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You got your hair done so it's time to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant. What kind of cuisine are you into?

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Pick the best Harry in history!

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