Do You Have an Attractive Face?

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, we're about to find out just how attractive your face really is! Do you have uncommon and exotic facial features, or are you slightly above average? With exactly 30 questions about your beauty habits and makeup choices, you'll find out if you've got an attractive face!

It's important to note that everyone is beautiful in their own right. Even if you believe you have an average-looking face, know that you can always enhance it with makeup techniques, certain types of food, and even exercise! Some of the most attractive people in this world are also the most confident, even if they are average looking! People love to see others who believe in themselves, so get out there and show the world how confident you really are! 

A wide variety of makeup techniques are also used to enhance the attractiveness of one's face. Such beauty techniques includes highlighting and contouring, adding shimmer to cheekbones, and creating full lips with lip liner. Other types of popular makeup looks includes a cat eye, smokey eye, and a bronzed glow. Are you ready to find out just how attractive you are? It's time to take this quiz right now to see your results!

Describe your face shape.

Do you have any facial scars?

What is your hair color?

Do you have seductive and sultry-looking eyes?

Do you mask your face with a lot of makeup?

Which of the following features do you have on your face?

How would you describe your skin tone?

What is the shape of your nose?

Which of these lip colors looks the most flattering on you?

Do you have any highlights or lowlights in your hair?

Your lips are more...?

Do you have any facial piercings?

What color are your eyes?

Do you workout frequently?

You keep your skin healthy by eating lots of...?

What do you think your best facial feature is?

Do you have low or high cheekbones?

Do you find yourself smiling and laughing a lot?

Which of the following describes your natural lashes?

How long or short is your hair?

Do you groom your eyebrows often?

Do you enhance your face with any earrings?

What's your favorite type of makeup product to enhance your eyes?

Are you easily approachable and friendly?

Which of the following makeup products do you like to use on your face?

Do you use any day or night cream?

How often do you wear sunscreen?

Where does beauty come from?

Which of these drinks do you consume for healthy-looking skin?

Be honest here: How attractive do you think you look?

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