Do You Have a Male or Female Brain?

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

Our world is dominated by people and animals of the male and female sexes. While one sex is certainly not better or worse than the other, we're going to explore the inner minds of males and females with this brainy quiz!

Let's start with male brains first. They are highly competitive when it comes to games, sports and even job promotions. It's usually in the nature of male brains to always be #1, which shows how ambitious and determined they can be. Male brains also tend to be very focused when it comes to difficult tasks, but they can be a tiny bit selfish sometimes as well.

On the other hand, female brains are much more nurturing, loyal and intuitive. In fact, their instincts can be more powerful than male brains, especially since females are emotionally intelligent individuals. They are also very encouraging, inspiring and motivating people who always strive to make others feel relaxed in life. So which one do you think you might be? Are you a female with a male brain or are you a male with a female brain? Or maybe you're something else entirely! If you want to find out more about yourself, take our lifestyle quiz right now!

Let's say that your friend is wearing a shirt that looks too small on them. Are you going to say something about this?

When you become angry or sad in life, which of the following natural phenomena do you turn into?

Would you describe your intellect as more creative or logical?

How many times have you cried when watching the movie "Titanic?"

Which of the following places would you consider to be your second home?

Which of these scented candles would you choose to make your home smell nice?

How would you mend your broken heart after a really bad breakup?

Which of these words describes your true personality the best?

How would you navigate through a new city by yourself?

How would you rate your cooking skills using our 1-10 scale?

Would you rather take the lead in a group project or follow someone else's orders?

Aside from a great personality, what else do you tend to look for in a soulmate?

Uh, oh! It looks like someone just burnt some chicken in the oven! What are you going to do now?

What percent of your brain is made up of patience?

Is it more fun to play football or watch it on a big screen?

Are you a neat and organized person, or are you a little more on the messy side?

Which of the following would you love to read on your next day off?

It's about time for a movie night with some friends, don't you think?

You've got some extra cash in the bank, which means that it's time to buy one of these new cars for yourself! Which one is it?

What kind of drink are you going to sip on a hot summer day?

If you were going to write a letter to a friend, what kind of stationery would you use?

How much time do you spend on looking nice for other people?

Which of these emotions comes to mind when it comes to having kids with your ideal soulmate?

How often do you call up your distant relatives for a nice chat?

Let's say that you want to make some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. How are you going to approach this?

On average, how much time do you spend in a grocery store?

When shopping for a new outfit, which of the following influences you the most?

Do you meditate on a regular basis to relax your mind?

You might be a human, but you're the most similar to which of these animals?

Which of these activities would we find you doing on a Friday night?

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