Do You Even Know How to Drag Race?

Ian Fortey

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Since 2009, "RuPaul's Drag Race" has been sashaying across the reality-television landscape by taking that old and tired reality-competition format and injecting it with the ultimate hit of fun and energy. This show is a pop-culture phenomenon that grew out of a quirky, campy little pet project of RuPaul herself. It's that perfect mix of glitz, glamor, cattiness, and heart that any reality show worth its salt needs to have if it wants to keep an audience watching. You get to know these people and either fall in love or absolutely hate them as they evolve into stars on the runway. The personalities are bigger and bolder than you'll find on any other show and the costumes have to match. There's a lot to love on the show, and it's very much inspired a whole new community of people to open their eyes to the world of drag. What was once considered super weird and fringe is now being appreciated for the act of artistry and expression it really is. 

As popular as drag is now, and as much as RuPaul has done to bring it to the mainstream, the only question that really remains for you is, do you even know how to drag race? Do you have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent it takes to ace this quiz? Why not take it and find out?

Any good queen-to-be needs a mentor, and RuPaul can't be there for everyone. Who's your favorite queen from the show?

OK, now not to start anything with anyone, but who did you just not like at all?

Every drag name has to be unique and wonderful in its own way, and you should never let anyone pick one for you! That said, pick one that we picked for you.

Any good drag queen needs a catchphrase! Pick your favorite from this list.

So what color would you say you look best in?

No doubt you're strong and independent, but can you get along well with others in a pinch?

You need to be good at a lot of things in a drag race, but what's your big skill? What makes you shine like a star?

Show some respect to RuPaul! What's her best song?

Sometimes you agree with a judge, and sometimes you don't. Who's your favorite?

There are more challenges than you can shake a stick at on "Drag Race." What's your favorite?

No one just walks down a runway like an ogre looking for a ham sandwich. You need a theme! Pick one of these!

A lip-sync battle is a cornerstone of any good "Drag Race" episode. Who had the best battle on the show?

It's all well and good to appreciate someone else's lip-sync skills, but let's talk about you. What are you lip syncing?

You want to look your best on the runway. What are you going to put the most effort into perfecting?

RuPaul has all the sayings and then some. What would you let creep into your own speech every day?

Like it or not, you must throw that shade. Do you have a style?

You need some heels to walk the runway, because what are you going to wear, Crocs? What kind of heel are you rocking?

What are you bringing to the table personality-wise anyway?

Your hair is gorgeous, but a wig is going to be a key item for you, so what color are you looking for?

Are you all about the drama or do you not have any time for that?

Can you narrow down your style to one single word if you have to?

You must accessorize! What kind of jewelry is going to accent the whole package?

When you're performing on stage, it's more than just what you do — it's how you do it. What takes a performance to that next level?

What makes a celebrity impression really hit home?

Straight up, what's the best part of "Drag Race?"

Seems like we need to establish what kind of queen is the best kind of queen. So which is it?

"Drag Race" is loaded down with prizes. What's the best way to be rewarded for being the best drag queen you can be?

"Drag Race" has been running for a long time now. Do you have a favorite season?

Obviously drag accentuates your best features. But what is your best feature to accentuate?

You must know how to talk the talk before you walk the walk or the runway. What's the most glorious term in all of drag?

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