Quiz: Do You Actually Remember the Endings to These Old Testament Stories?
Do You Actually Remember the Endings to These Old Testament Stories?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Phillip Medhurst

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It's time to brush up on your Old Testament story endings with this cool Christian drill. Most of these stories you've heard before, like Cain and Abel, the creation tale, the great flood, Israelites' bail on Egypt, Moses and the Ten Commandments, etc. But do you really know the endings to these common biblical stories? Did Cain ultimately kill Abel, or did Abel kill Cain? Did Pharaoh eventually free the Israelites?

Did Noah repopulate a rather soggy Earth after the great flood, or did God choose someone less tipsy and more clothed? This quiz is Old-Testament-heavy because many of our most beloved stories from the Bible take place in that stretch of the Good Book. 

Are you familiar with the stories of Rahab, King Uzziah, Elisha, Haman and Hazael? Rahab was a huge asset to the Israelites; King Uzziah broke religious order and paid a heavy price; Elisha's prophetic power increased after his predecessor left Earth; Haman unknowingly planned his own death; and Hazael used shifty means to reign over Syria.

Now that you've had a proper review, scroll onward and behold the number of Old Testament story endings you actually remember!

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The Old Testament book of Genesis describes a flood that lasted 40 days and 40 nights. When it was all over, what did God reveal as a sign of His promise?
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At the end of the creation story, what did God do on the seventh day?
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The twelfth chapter of the book of Genesis describes how God commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. What or whom did Abraham ultimately sacrifice?
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An angel of the Lord led Lot, his wife and two daughters away from a smoldering Sodom and Gomorrah. Who did not survive the ordeal?
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In her old age, Sarah, Abraham's wife, doubted that she could give birth, so she arranged that Abraham conceive with her handmaid Hagar. Two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, were born of the ordeal. Who was Isaac's mother?
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The children of Israel had escaped Egypt but complained bitterly to Moses and Aaron concerning a lack of the food they had enjoyed back in Egypt. Who eventually provided sustenance for the children of Israel during their journey?
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God sent ten plagues to afflict Egypt for keeping the children of Israel in bondage. What was the tenth and final plague?
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Job was a wealthy and upright man, but his faith was tested when God allowed Satan to curse him. What did Job receive at the end of his test of faith?
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For many years, the Israelites ran from the Midianites, their enemy. Did the Israelite judge Gideon decide to flee the Midianites as others before him had done?
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As commander of the Israelite army, Joshua sent two men to spy on Jericho. Jericho's king, having heard the men were in harlot Rahab's home, commanded that Rahab hand over the men. What did Rahab ultimately do?
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In his attempt to capture the city of Jericho, Joshua resolved to use trumpets and shouts as his weapons. What happened as a result?
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In spite of the ten astonishing plagues that God sent to ravage Egypt, Pharaoh was faced with the momentous decision to either let the children of Israel leave or go after them. What did Pharaoh decide?
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Jonah had been rebellious to God and found himself in the belly of a fish. Jonah cried out to God in distress. What eventually happened to Jonah as a result?
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Despite the new law against prayer, Daniel continued to pray toward Jerusalem three times daily. The king threw Daniel into the lion's den. Did Daniel survive this punishment?
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David went up against the Philistine giant Goliath with nothing but a sling and five smooth stones. Who won the battle?
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Two disputing harlots went to King Solomon claiming that each had given birth to a child. One child died and both harlots claimed ownership of the child that lived. What did King Solomon say to solve the dispute?
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The Queen of Sheba had heard of Solomon's fame concerning God, so she tested him with difficult questions. At the end of the interrogation, what did the Queen conclude and say to Solomon?
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Because there was a drought in the land, God told Elijah to seek a widow of whom Elijah had requested her last morsels of nourishment. Did the widow's barrel and cruse cease providing nourishment?
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Right before the prophet Elijah was to be translated to heaven in a whirlwind, Elisha requested to receive a double portion of the prophet's spirit. What did Elijah leave for Elisha to prove that his request had been honored?
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While Moses received the Ten Commandments, the children of Israel began worshiping other gods, which angered both Moses and God. Which tribe sided with Moses and God against the people?
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King Hezekiah was mortally ill. Prophet Isaiah told him that he would die and not live, and gave the king a choice of setting the shadow "forth ten degrees, or go back ten degrees." What did the king choose?
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As long as King Uzziah sought God, he prospered. Pride swayed the king to burn incense on an altar, a task reserved solely for priests. What happened to the king as a result?
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None of King Nebuchadnezzar's sorcerers, magicians or astrologers could interpret his troubling dreams. Who ultimately succeeded in doing so?
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King Nebuchadnezzar threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into a fiery furnace as punishment for not worshiping the king's golden image. When the king looked into the furnace, how many men did he see?
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The hand of a man appeared and wrote on a wall while King Belshazzar feasted with forbidden golden vessels in his possession. Of all who had tried, who was able to interpret the handwriting on the wall?
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The Israelites went to bury one of their people, but were distracted and cast the man's remains in prophet Elisha's tomb. What happened to the man's remains?
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Joseph's strange dreams infuriated his brothers, who ultimately mocked Joseph by calling him what name?
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Joseph's brothers showed their father, Jacob, Joseph's bloody coat. What did Jacob believe was Joseph's fate?
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Haman was an enemy of the Jews who sought to destroy them utterly. Who ultimately spoiled his plot?
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In preparation for the flood, Noah did all that God had instructed. How long did the flood rains last?
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King Ben-hadad of Syria was ill and sent Hazael, his high-ranking official, to seek out help from Prophet Elisha, who predicted the king's fate, which was what?
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After the great flood destroyed so much of the Earth and its inhabitants, who was chosen to repopulate the Earth?
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Torrential rains flooded the Earth for 40 days and 40 nights, but do you know how long the floodwaters remained on the Earth?
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In the Old Testament story of Jacob and Esau, Esau desired that his brother feed him some of his "red pottage." Jacob required Esau's birthright for the food. How did Esau respond to Jacob's request?
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