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In 1938, two cooks decided to experiment by adding a chopped up chocolate bar to their cookies. This decision, made at the Toll House in Waltham, MA, led to one of the world's greatest inventions - the chocolate chip cookie! After the recipe was published in a local paper, the secret was out and the world has been in love with this tasty treat since. 

During this quiz, we're going to put your knowledge of chocolate chip cookies and general baking to the test! We will present you with a photo of something used during the baking of all sorts of goodies and the making of chocolate chip cookies. Then, we'll give you four response options. The choices you make will let you know exactly how much you know about the art of baking. 

You don't need to be a culinary genius to get a great score. In fact, we think that you'll be surprised by how many of the kitchen items and baking terms you actually know. In any event, the only way to test your baking know-how is to begin the quiz and to work your way through. Do you know as much as you think you do? 

What's the name of this chocolate chip cookie ingredient?

Available in both salted and unsalted varieties, butter is the ingredient that gives chocolate chip cookies their texture. It also delivers that warm, buttery taste that makes us keep coming back for more.

Which ingredient leavens the chocolate chip cookie dough?

Baking Soda is used to help leaven ingredients in baking. It causes a chemical reaction with yeast that causes chocolate chip cookies, or any oven baked treat, to rise.

What is the type of sugar that gives chocolate chip cookies their nutty flavor?

While chocolate chip cookies contain both granulated white sugar and brown sugar, brown sugar is the ingredient that adds and extra layer of flavor. Brown sugar is made by combining granulated sugar with sugarcane molasses.

What is the name of this signature ingredient?

Whether they are the Toll House variety named for the place chocolate chip cookies were born or they are the grocery store brand, no chocolate chip cookie is complete without chocolate chips. You can buy them in any variety from white chocolate to dark chocolate and anything in between.

What's the name of this ingredient that holds the chocolate chip cookies together?

Without the ever important egg in chocolate chip cookies, they would simply crumble. Eggs serve as a wonderful binder for most kinds of baking.

What would you call this tool?

When you are making cookies, you often have to cream the butter and sugar together. Having a hand mixer on hand can save you a lot of time and elbow grease!

Which baking ingredient is this?

Whether you choose a lighter cooking oil or a heavier oil, no cookie is complete without a little of it in the batter. Oil also helps to combine the ingredients, and aids in the crisping process.

What would you call this handy kitchen gadget?

When you need to remove your cookies from the baking sheet, having a spatula on hand makes the job easier. With it's wide, thin bottom, it makes placing cookies on the cooling rack a breeze.

What is the name of this primary baking ingredient?

The ingredient that gets the most weight in the chocolate chip cookie is flour. Although it comes in two varieties, only one will rise without the use of other baking additives.

Which baking ingredient acts as a stabilizer?

Cream of Tartar is used as a stabilizer in baking when eggs are also used. The addition of this byproduct of winemaking can make eggs whip up to 8 times their normal size.

What is the name of the ingredient that makes bread rise?

When making baked goods like bread, yeast is an important ingredient. Its live cultures create a chemical reaction that causes things to rise.

Which ingredient would you use before you bake?

Before beginning any baking project, pans and sheets should be coated with cooking spray. Using cooking spray will allow baked good to be removed without sticking.

What is the name of this egg-based topping?

What do you get when you whip egg whites and sugar into fluffy peaks? You get meringue! It's perfect on its on or topping a lemon pie.

Which sugar is also called Confectioner's Sugar?

Although powdered sugar is most used as a topping in baking, it makes great icings and more delicate candies. You can even find it sprinkled on delicious deep-fried treats at any carnival or fair.

What is the name of this shiny, sugary coating?

Many delicious treats like donuts are coated with a sugary glaze. Made by melting down powdered sugar with water, anything coated with a glaze is sure to be tasty.

What is the name of this interesting looking kitchen item?

Although it has a strange appearance, the whisk is a handy gadget to have when you are baking. From whisking egg whites to mixing ingredients together thoroughly, no baker's kitchen is complete without one.

Which name would you give this kitchen tool?

When a recipe calls for lemon zest, you should reach for your zester. Its tiny teeth grate just the amount of citrus rind without damaging the fruit.

What is the name of this cooking aid?

Aluminum foil is a necessity for any kitchen! When used in baking, it can save pans from becoming grimy and stop food from sticking.

What is this technique called?

To help bread reach the proper consistency, it involves a process called kneading. Although many modern mixers can do the kneading for you, it was done by hand for thousands of years.

What is the name of this unusual baking ingredient?

When bakers want to make a treat a little less full of sugar, they can substitute applesauce. It is a popular substitution for those watching their diets. It works for chocolate chip cookies too!

What is the name of this popular baking spice?

To give your chocolate chip cookies another level of flavor, you can add a dash of cinnamon. Although not every recipe calls for it, it's a welcome addition in most bakery treats.

What is the most popular sugar used in baking?

Calories aside, you can't have a full-flavored chocolate chip cookie without sugar. Though some recipes call for more than one type of sugar, granulated sugar is the most popular in kitchens across the world.

What's the name of this nut often added to chocolate chip cookies?

Not every chocolate chip cookie recipe calls for walnuts, but it is usually added as an optional ingredient. Adding walnuts makes a crunchier cookie and adds a special level of flavor.

What is the name of this chocolatey ingredient?

When you are craving chocolate and there's not a sign of it in the house, check your cupboards for cocoa powder. Adding a little to any recipe will satisfy your urge!

What is the name of this yeast substitute?

A combination of cream of tartar and sodium bicarbonate, baking powder is often used in place of yeast. When you use it, be very careful. A little goes a long way!

What is the name of this kitchen staple?

In addition to being a kitchen staple, salt has an interesting role in baking. Not only does it control yeast, but it also makes things taste better and strengthens gluten proteins.

What is the name of this fatty ingredient?

Made from the processed fat of a pig, lard can be used in place of shortening or butter. In fact, it used to be used far more than it is now.

What's the name of this kitchen must have?

Without a grater, you would never be able to make zucchini bread. Although it has many uses in the kitchen, adding fresh ingredients to baked goods couldn't be easier with this handy tool.

What is this giant item called?

It might seem a little strange to see a refrigerator on our list. However, many baking recipes call for dough to be chilled before cooking. You couldn't do that without a refrigerator!

What is the name of this baking aid?

When you don't want your cookies to stick, you can line your pans with parchment paper. Aluminum foil is also a good option, but it heats much faster than parchment paper.

What are these little instruments called?

While some ingredient are small in measure, they are powerful in effect. No matter what the ingredient might be, you will need measuring spoons to get the recipe just right.

What is the name of this odd-looking kitchen instrument?

When you are making a baked goodie that needs to breathe a little in the oven, you would use a scorer. By scoring but not piercing the dough, it allows excess heat and steam to escape.

What is the name of this fun ingredient?

If you are looking to fancy up your baked treat, try adding some sprinkles. They add an instant party to any plate of cookies or cupcakes.

What is the name of this coating?

While some baked treats can stand on their own, others are far better with icing. From buttercream to cream cheese based, there's an icing out there to sooth any sweet tooth.

What would you call this baking additive?

When making extra thick and creamy baked goods, adding heavy cream always does the trick. Made from milk, heavy cream also makes a great addition to coffee.

What is this interesting looking thing?

Sifters are a great tool for baking. Whether you are trying to rid lumpy flour of problems or you are making a finer mix, the use of a sifter will do the job every time.

What is the oven-ready item?

If you are going to make chocolate chip cookies, you will need a baking sheet. The shallow depth of baking sheets allows for even cooking and removal of your cookies.

What would you call this kitchen tool?

Although it might look like something used for ice cream, scoopers are invaluable in baking. Scoopers allow for even distribution of dough and they make sure no one cookie is bigger than the other.

What name would you give these?

Baking is a science, and you want to get the measurements right! Using measuring cups will make sure you have the correct amount of each ingredient with ease.

What is the name of this baking necessity?

From quiche to apple pie, no kitchen is complete without a pie pan. No matter what kind of crust you use, a good pie pan will make sure everything cooks evenly.

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