Do I Have a Chance With Him?

Emily Maggrett

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He's been DMing you a lot lately and you're picking up vibes, but does he actually like you more than a friend? If you can't tell whether he wants to get to know you better or is stringing you along, take this quiz to solve the mystery. Because if he likes you, that's lit, but if he doesn't, you've got places to go, hair to get did and no time for fools!

To figure out his true intentions, we're going to ask you about how often he texts you, what you two talk about and if he finds excuses to low-key cuddle. Maybe he hasn't caught feelings for you yet, maybe he's caught them but isn't sure whether he wants to date you, maybe he's attracted to your banging bod but isn't ready for a relationship or maybe he's TOTALLY into you and you're too shy to see it! Either way, this quiz will help you to find out the truth.

As you answer these questions, please be real AF. We need receipts to figure out what his true feelings are about you. Don't get salty β€” we just wanna make sure you're not wasting your time. So are you ready to find out what's up? Stop re-reading his last three texts and play this quiz!

How did you meet?

Is he single?

Have you two ever kissed?

Do you two chill one-on-one?

When you're together, how often does he check his phone?

You post a thirst trap on Instagram. He ... ?

How many times a day does he text you?

Does he tell you that you smell good?

What do you two usually talk about?

Do your friends think he likes you?

When you complain about other guys sliding into your DMs, does he act jealous?

You show up for a night out wearing something racy. He ... ?

When you're around, does he flirt with other people?

Has he ever left you on read?

If you got a flat tire, would he show up and change it for you?

What kind of emoji does he use when he texts you?

Has he ever told you that he thinks you're smart?

Does he hug you a lot or offer you massages?

Are there other people that he's interested in?

Does he start text conversations with you or does he just reply to your texts?

Have you ever tried to DTR (define the relationship)? What did he do?

You say, "I wish I could find a guy who really cares about me." He ... ?

Does he only flirt with you in the summer or during festival season?

Has he ever complimented someone else in front of you?

If you did a slow fade from his life, do you think he'd notice?

Does he find dumb excuses to be physically close to you?

How does he introduce you to other people?

When you make a mistake, how does he act?

Is he interested in meeting your fam?

Let's say that you finally told him that you liked him. How do you think he'd respond?

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