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About This Quiz

Sextrology, which has not yet been officially added to the dictionary, is a fused word coming from sex + astrology. It is a term used to describe how the stars and the sun influence a person's sex life, their romantic relationships and the things that give them pleasure. It also takes insight from astrology and it helps a person to figure out who they are most compatible with sexually.

Much like your zodiac or astrological sign has its own unique characteristics, the same rules apply when it comes to sextrology. Each of the twelve signs has unique characteristics and behaviors which pertain to the bedroom. Also like the zodiac signs, which are highly compatible with some signs and not at all with others, sextrology signs vary in compatibility. There are some people who you hop into bed with and immediately click, while there are others who make you regret your actions. 

Do you know what your sextrology sign is? Will it be the same as your zodiac sign, or will it leave you contemplating life as we know it? If you would like to find out what your sextrology sign is, there is only one way - by taking this quiz!

What is your zodiac sign?

Do you believe in the one?

How many partners have you had?

How long was your longest relationship?

How long does it take you to give up the goods?

Do you think you can be with one person for the rest of your life?

Are you a lights on or lights off person?

Has anyone ever walked in on you while in action?

Have you ever done it in public?

Which of these items do you not want your family members to see when they come over?

Which of these body parts are you most attracted to?

What do you think is your most attractive feature?

What kind of kisses do you like most?

What would your exes say about your bedroom behavior?

If you were told that there were 500 sex positions, how many of them do you think you have tried?

Which section of the sex shop can you be found in?

If you were told to dress up for your partner, what would it be as?

Which of these things sounds interesting?

How do you feel about being tied up?

Would you ever allow someone else to join in on the fun?

Which of these places have you gotten it on?

What time of day do you like it get it on?

Which of these people have you fantasized about?

Which of these dating apps have you used to meet people?

Do you leave markings/scars on your partner?

What do you do after the deed has been done?

What have you been told that you need to change about yourself?

What do you wear to bed?

Do you tell your girls/guys about your escapades?

Which of these sin cities would you visit?

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