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Not every job will be suggested by a high school guidance counselor. There are just too many options for someone to be able to get too specific with someone who isn't even yet an adult. Many adults take a decade or more to find the job they were really meant to have, and only then do you find their life's calling. You may have an unusual job right now, but perhaps you think you are meant for something more, or perhaps something less stressful.

Jobs can be called unusual because of their industry. They might be unusual because of their environment. They could be unusual because of their rarity. In the first case, unusual jobs would include jobs in the area of oceanographic research; a rarefied field belonging mostly to academics and mariners with peculiar skills. In the second case, an unusual job might be that of the sewer worker; men and women who work in a place most people never see and only think about when things go very wrong. Finally, an unusual job might be that of a movie star, because so few people can claim such an unusual confluence of skill, looks, and an industry willing to elevate them.

There is an unusual job that's right for you. We just need to find it, together. Take this quiz and find out which one is the job for you.

How much responsibility can you handle?

How do you feel when you aren't under pressure at work?

How good are you at keeping secrets?

Where would you most like to live as your base of operations?

What kind of view would you like while at work?

How important to you is self-expression?

How much time do you want to spend with people, while at work?

How much do you mind being around strangers at work?

Do you mind much if people believe totally false things about you and your job?

How much do you like to show off in public?

How much does social currency matter to you?

How important to you is it that your profession is respected?

Do you mind if your boss demands a lot of you?

What US city would you most like to work in?

How easily do you make friends?

How important to you is making money?

What sort of business hours would you prefer?

How good is your focus?

How important to you is the ease of your tasks at work?

How much do you like to travel for your job?

Under what circumstances would you like to relax and talk shop with professional peers?

How many people would you like to work with, day after day?

What resource would you like your job to rely on most heavily?

How important is it to you that you are doing something to make the world a better place?

How important to you is the respectability of your employer?

How much do you like to have an office to call your own, day after day?

Who do you least mind your job putting you at odds with?

How would you like to dress for work?

In what industry do you currently work?

How much time could you spend talking to strangers on the phone?

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