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Yeah, handling human excrement seems like a terrible way to spend your day -- but it comes with a hefty paycheck. Take this quiz on high paying dirty jobs and find out if you might be ready for a career change.

Which dirty job consistently ranks high on lists of dangerous jobs due to the added hazard of dodging impatient drivers?

Garbage collectors (avg. salary in U.S.: $43,000 per year) are also exposed to the added hazard of dodging drivers while they collect refuse.


Which type of physician has the dirty task of addressing such conditions as problem flatulence and abnormal stool?

Gastroenterologists (avg. salary between $250,000 and $400,000 per year) are doctors that deal with problems associated with digestion.


Which dirty job that takes place in the ocean is so loud that workers must use hand signals to communicate?

Workers on oil rigs (avg. starting salary $40,000) in the ocean are around such loud machinery that they're forced to use hand signals to communicate.


Workers with the dirty job of cleaning portable toilets usually clean how many each day?

Portable toilet cleaners (avg. salary $50,000 per year) usually clean between 10 and 60 toilets each day.


Which dirty job also ranks as the world's most dangerous job?

Crab fishing (salary around $60,000 per year) is also the most dangerous job in the world.


What are some things sewage divers encounter while they're on the clock?

Sewage divers (avg. salary $60,000) must swim through sewage and have been known to encounter rats, dead bodies and other unpleasant surprises.


What dirty job includes the added hazard of developing black lung?

Coal miners (avg. salary $64,000) are at risk for developing black lung, a condition from inhaling coal dust that can lead to emphysema


What dirty job traces it roots back to ancient Egypt?

Embalmers (avg. salary $41,000) find the roots of their profession in the ancient Egyption practice of preserving bodies.


Which dirty job didn't exist as a widespread profession until after 1829?

Plumbers (avg salary $47,000) didn't have much work until after 1829. That's the year that the Fremont hotel was opened, the first hotel in the United States with indoor plumbing.


Which dirty job involves dealing with both blood and anthrax?

Crime scene cleaners (avg salary about $75,000) have to deal with anything that needs cleaning up following a crime. This can include blood after a murder or anthrax after a contagion lab is busted.


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