Quiz: Direct a Rom-Com and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
Direct a Rom-Com and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Romantic comedies have been around as long as the medium of film. They combine two of our favorite things: love and laughter. While they may seem formulaic, that is part of the fun! Romantic comedies are meant to be reassuring, since things always work out in the end, one way or the other. All stories, romantic comedy or otherwise, work essentially the same way.

Whether you use three-act structure, Campbellian structure, or the eight-sequence model, stories always begin with a hero who is invited to go on a journey, says no, is thrown into said journey sort of against their will, faces a series of challenges that prepare them for their final confrontation—where they lose everything (metaphorically or literally)—but recover by the grace earned along their journey and come back to carry the day. The difference with rom-coms is that they put a funny, sexy spin on this journey, rather than the very traditional themes of adventure films and the like.

What if you got to make your very own romantic comedy? How would it feel? And most importantly, what would it say about you? This is your opportunity to stretch your wings and see if we can determine your relationship status by your take on the romantic-comedy genre!

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Set the establishing shot. In what country do you set this rom-com?

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What kind of locale should serve as the immediate geography of the rom-com?

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Let's get to the hero. How flawed is your hero?

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Does your hero want to be in a relationship?

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What does your hero value the most?

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Does your hero start out in a relationship or in love with someone?

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Assuming your hero is in some kind of relationship or in love at the start of the story, is that person right for them?

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What does the red-herring love interest do for a living?

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How good looking is the red-herring love interest?

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What does the red-herring love interest see in the hero?

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How good-looking is the real love interest?

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What is the sidekick's name?

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What does the sidekick do for a living?

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How many of the hero's friends think the hero will be single forever?

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What terrible obstacle gets in the way of the hero and their love interest getting together?

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From what metaphysical thing does the hero draw their strength?

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What does the hero have to give up in order to accept that they love who they love?

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At the end of the story, what happens to the red-herring love interest?

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How much of the cast gets paired off at the end of the movie?

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How many sequels does this rom-com get?

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