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No, this quiz isn't about scanning fingerprints -- it's about Web technologies used to prevent copyright infringement and track your online identity. See how much you know.

Viacom sued this video site for content its users uploaded, including clips of popular shows like "Saturday Night Live" and "The Daily Show."

Viacom sued YouTube in 2007 for the sum of $1 billion because users were uploading copyrighted material to the site. More robust digital fingerprinting could've prevented the suit.


Digital fingerprinting is best at which of the following?

Digital fingerptinting is best at preventing users from uploading copyrighted videos by identifying and rejecting that material.


Digital fingerprinting works with:

Digital fingerprinting can identify distinguishing characteristics in audio and video files.


Which of the following companies offers a digital fingerprinting system?

Audible Magic provides digital fingerprinting for many major companies like Sony Music.


What does YouTube call its digital fingerprinting technology?

YouTube's Video Identification is designed to stop users from uploading clips of copyrighted material.


Why does YouTube employ digital fingerprinting technology?

By preventing users from uploading copyrighted material, YouTube lessens the likelyhood it will be sued for copyright infringement.


Digital fingerprinting compares a sample of an audio or video clip to what to determine if it's copyrighted?

Digital fingerprinting databases contain segments of copyrighted files; if a file uploaded by an unlicensed distributor is scanned and a match is found, the video or song can be rejected.


How many audio and video files does Audible Magic have stored in its databases?

Audible Magic's digital fingerprinting library can match multimedia files with more than 11 million songs and videos in its databases.


What is the name of Audible Magic's digital fingerprinting service?

Audible Magic's CopySense technology is used by many companies, including Sony Music and Myspace.


True or false: digital fingerprinting inserts a tiny fingerprint into a file to track it.

False. Digital fingerprinting only analyzes a file and compares it to a database -- it never modifies the original.


Unlike fingerprinting, this technology modifies a media file to make it trackable or identifiable.

Digital watermarking places a small bit of data inside a media file -- sometimes visible, sometimes invisible -- to discourage copyright infringement.


This smart phone app uses digital fingerprinting to listen to a song and identify it.

Shazam samples a song, compares that audio to a database, and returns an answer, usually identifying the song currently being played!


Digital fingerprinting can refer to a second form of technology other than copyright protection. What is it?

Digital fingerprinting can be used to track your identity across the Web.


The most basic element of tracking someone's identity on the Internet is this:

A user's IP address is the number assigned to their Web-connected computer. It's essentially the virtual version of your computer's address.


True or false: Digital fingerprinting only relies on your IP address to track your activities online.

False. Your digital fingerprint is unique because it incorporates many elements of your online identity, such as user names, Web browser version and operating system.


What is one major proposed use of digital fingerprinting tracking technology?

The identification possibilities of digital fingerprinting may be used for advertising that appeals to your personal interests.


Could digital fingerprinting be considered an invasion of privacy?

Yes, digital fingerprinting might be invasive. Some Canadian legal firms consider it an excessive means of information gathering.


The digital fingerprinting of media files is completely helpless against this kind of video sharing:

Digital fingerprinting can stop users from uploading copyrighted videos to some Web sites, but it can't stop file sharing.


Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube was thrown out of court due to what law?

By taking down copyrighted material when notified, YouTube was found to be in compliance with copyright owners and thus protected under the DMCA.


True or false: Digital fingerprinting should work on a movie even if it was recorded with a video camera pointed at a movie screen.

True. Digital fingerprinting is supposed to be able to identify a movie regardless of film quality, file type or other variables.


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